IPL Fan Parks 2024 – Complete List of Cities, Venue & Date


In a nation where there are millions of crazy IPL cricket fans, IPL is not only a sporting event for them but also a cultural phenomenon. There are many fans of IPL due to its matches and electrifying performances of different strong players and unified teams. The most exciting part is watching an IPL match in the stadium and cheering for our favourite team loudly at the stadium but it’s not always possible to go and watch the match in the stadium. 

There is an alternative that is as exciting as watching the match in the stadium and that is IPL Fan Parks where you can cheer for your favourite team and make lasting memories with other fellow supporters and also groove with them on the victory of your team. 

Let’s learn more in detail about what is IPL Fan Park, how to book IPL fan park tickets, IPL fan park ticket prices, and many more questions. 

What Is Fan Park in IPL?

The BCCI or Board of Control for Cricket in India has always taken the initiative towards bringing the IPL match closer to the audience and to do that they have bought IPL Fan Parks. You all must wonder what exactly an IPL Fan Park is. 

So BCCI launched the concept of fan parks in the year 2015 where the IPL enthusiasts can witness and enjoy the live actions and watch the match in a stadium-like atmosphere. These fan parks are set up in various cities around India. You can also enjoy food from the food court, dance, and enjoy games while watching the match on the big screen. You can experience the feel of a real stadium but with a smaller size. 

Schedule of IPL Fan Park 2024 (Cities and Dates)

The schedule of the IPL fan park is listed below:

MaduraiTamil Nadu22 March 2024- 23 March 2024
MeerutUttar Pradesh23 March 2024- 24 March 2024
BikanerRajasthan 23 March 2024- 24 March 2024
MidnaporeWest Bengal 23 March 2024- 24 March 2024
Solapur Maharashtra23 March 2024- 24 March 2024
Coimbatore Tamil Nadu30 March 2024- 31 March 2024
NadiadGujarat 30 March 2024- 31 March 2024
Jamshedpur Jharkhand30 March 2024- 31 March 2024
PatialaPunjab30 March 2024- 31 March 2024
NizamabadTelangana30 March 2024- 31 March 2024
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh6 April 2024- 7 April 2024
Nagpur Maharashtra6 April 2024- 7 April 2024
DehradunUttrakhand6 April 2024- 7 April 2024
RajkotGujarat6 April 2024- 7 April 2024
MysoreKarnataka6 April 2024- 7 April 2024

IPL Fan Park Ticket Price  

The entry ticket for IPL Fan Park varies accordingly but sometimes it is also free. Many fan parks charge a minimal amount especially when they provide other additional activities and amenities apart from the normal watching match experience. 

So some premium or special fan parks may require charges for the ticket and the prices for the premium or VIP tickets may range between Rs.200 and Rs.500 per person. It is ensured that the prices of tickets are kept minimal so that all IPL enthusiasts can experience the fun and excitement of watching the IPL on the big screen.

  • Special Events: Sometimes there are some special events or performances organized in the IPL fan parks which may have different prices. The price of the tickets during these special events may range between Rs.300 and Rs.800 per person.
  • Family Packages: The IPL Fan Park ticket price includes a family in which entry of 2-4 members is allowed and the price range is between Rs.500 and Rs.1000 which may also include refreshments and certain vouchers. 
  • Corporate Packages: There are tickets available for groups which include certain special packages with food and reserved seating. The prices of these tickets can vary depending on the services and the number of attendees. 

How to Book IPL Fan Park Tickets? 

There are certain ways through which you can book your IPL Fan Park tickets:

  • Online Booking: You can book your tickets online through the official website or through certain social media pages of the event. 
  • Offline Booking: You can book your tickets offline through the respective ticket counter or ticket outlet where tickets are being sold. 
  • Authorized Resellers: You can buy tickets from third-party vendors too but you should always check the authenticity of the reseller as there are some fake resellers also who may scam you. 

IPL Fan Park Timings

The timings for IPL Fan Park generally depend on the IPL match schedule held in the stadium. The IPL Fan Park opens a few hours before the match and closes during the end of the match. 

Rules and Regulations in IPL Fan Parks

There are certain rules and regulations you must follow in Fan Parks:

  • You must maintain respect toward fellow supporters or attendees and not fight or misbehave with anyone. 
  • You should not carry outside food items or beverages in the IPL Fan Parks.
  • Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking are prohibited inside the IPL Fan Park and if someone tries to disobey the rules, heavy charges are fined against them. 
  • No pets are allowed inside the IPL Fan Parks.
  • Heavy backpacks or other weapons are not allowed inside the IPL Fan Parks.

IPL Fan Parks offers an exciting and perfect experience to all people across the world who are a die-hard fan of cricket. You are able to experience the feel of a real stadium match. You are able to meet people who are just like you and who love to watch cricket matches. IPL Fan Parks gives you the best experience and you can socialize with other people as well and enjoy music and food. 

IPL Fan Park is a space for all the IPL fans to show their excitement and all the mixed emotions. It is the best initiative for all cricket lovers as it is very affordable and an individual can come with their family and friends as well. So if you ever get a chance to come to IPL Fan Park, embrace your experience wholeheartedly. 

FAQ’s About IPL Fan Park

What is the location of IPL Fan Parks?

IPL Fan Parks are set up in various cities across India. In 2024 IPL Fan Parks are set up in 50 cities.

Are there any charges for attending IPL Fan Parks?

The entry charges for IPL Fan Park vary accordingly but sometimes it is free. The charges vary for different performances and members.

Is it compulsory to book tickets in advance for IPL Fan Parks?

No, it’s not compulsory to book tickets in advance as you can also book on-site but it is advisable to book tickets in advance.

Can IPL matches at Fan Parks be seen outside India?

While IPL matches are set up in India, there are certain International locations as well where IPL Fan Parks are set up.

Is there any age restriction for attending IPL Fan Parks?

No age restriction is there for attending IPL Fan Parks, you should only follow the guidelines set by organizers.


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