Popular Card Games To Play With Your Family 2024


Love spending time with family and friends? We all do! But do your family get together plans usually include card games? Yes? Ours too! Here’s a list of popular card games to play with family any day, any time. 

There are many types of card games that can be played with family members, some of which are:

  1. Famous card games involving tricks such as Poker, Spades, etc.
  2. Famous card games involving deck-building such as Magic, Star Trek, etc. 
  3. Games involving shedding of cards such as Call Break, War, etc.
  4. Games involving arranging cards in a sequence such as Rummy, Canasta, etc.
  5. Games involving a showdown of cards such as UNO, President, etc.

Benefits of playing popular card games online with family and friends:

  • Source of fun and entertainment
  • Great bonding experience
  • Learning time for tips and tricks
  • Honing strategy and logical reasoning

Now, on to the popular card games list. 

Top 10 Popular Card Games

Look no further, follow this list for popular card games to play online with family. 

List Of Popular Card Games

  1. Call Break

Call Break is one of the most popular card games online. If you have mastered the art of card tricks, Call Break is perfect for you. To win, a player must use tricks and skills to win hands and ultimately the game.

  1. UNO

UNO is one of the most famous card games online. To win, a player must be the first in the group to use his coloured number and trump cards wisely to shed cards. 

  1. Monopoly

Monopoly is the most popular card games online which also qualifies for a board game. To win, a player must use their card wisely, move around the board and collect rent from other players in order to turn them bankrupt. 

  1. Rummy

Rummy is a card matching and sequencing game, which includes creating sets of cards or melds. To win, a player can declare ‘Rummy’ when they have melded all their cards at once.

  1. Bluff

Bluff is a popular card game played in families. To win, a player must be the first to bluff and shed all their cards. 

  1. Snap

Snap is an easy to play card game with family. It is also one of the most popular card games for 2. Everyone puts a card on the pile in the center and when two cards match, you must be quick to grab it. To win, a player must collect cards by snapping until all opponents are out of cards. 

  1. 21 Card Game

Another super famous card games for families is 21. In this game, everyone playing gets two cards. To win, a player must have cards that total up to 21 or a number closer to that. 

  1. Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a cool card shedding game. It is the most popular family card games of all times. In this game, a player must match cards to discard them. The 8s work as trump cards that change the suits of the ongoing game. To win, a player must be the first to shed all their cards. 

  1. Go Fish

Go Fish is an entertaining card game to play with family and friends. In the game, all players get 7 cards each and they must either ‘fish’ numbered cards from other players or the ‘pond’ of cards in the center to make sets. To win, a player must be the first to make sets of 4 cards. 

  1. Tower of Cards

Ever seen people sitting together and building a tower of cards? You can do it too! It is one of the most popular card games to play with family where you divide everybody into teams and build a tower of cards. To win, a team must be the first to build a tower of cards that does not collapse.

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