31 Side Income Sources To Make Extra Money in 2024


In today’s time, the prices of everything are rising day by day and with limited income sources, it becomes quite difficult for us to save our money for future use. A person who bears the expenses of his/her whole family cannot save up their money as all their salary gets consumed in paying rent, bills, school and tuition fees, and many more expenses.

But, do you know that people nowadays have many opportunities to earn additional income that can be utilized in paying debts, increasing savings, and other future uses? There are many side income sources in India that you may be unaware of.

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What is Side Income?

The money you earn from any sources like freelance or any part-time job you do is considered as your side income as it is an additional income you earn apart from your primary income. 

Importance of Side Income 

When you have only one source of income, you maybe at a risk of losing that job or that source of income may not be enough to fulfil your daily needs. This is when side income plays a crucial role. Side income gives you a sense of relief and helps to fulfil your everyday needs. 

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How to Earn Side Income?

Let’s discuss further the side income sources in India that you can explore: 

  • Content Creation 

Nowadays, you can upload your vlogs and videos on platforms like Instagram and YouTube and earn money through them. You can upload a travel vlog, your office vlog, normal reels, and any informational content and thereby make an additional income source.

  • Freelancer

Skilled photographers, graphic designers, content writers, make-up artists, and any other professionals can offer their services to customers and build a revenue stream as freelancers. Your portfolio and profile should be well maintained and carefully select the customers you want to work for. 

  • E-Commerce Reselling

Online shopping is quite conventional in today’s time and people have started using it as an extra income source. You can buy products from different manufacturers or retailers and sell those products at increased prices to your customers. The platforms you can consider to resell your products are Meesho, Flipkart, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, etc. 

  • Blogging

For all the ardent wordsmiths, you can have an extra income source by writing blogs on websites like WordPress or Weebly. You can write on any topic of your preference and once your page attracts readers, you can sow the seeds of financial gains. 

  • Affiliate Marketing

If you have a generous follower count on your social media account, you can opt for affiliate marketing as an extra income source. You can earn by advertising for any product or service.  

  • Data Entry Jobs

You can apply for data entry jobs if you know how to operate Excel and some other required tools. Data entry jobs are available on Internshala, Freelancer, Guru, and many other websites. Data Entry is the easiest way you can have an additional income source.

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  • Graphic Designing

All the creative people who have in-depth practice and knowledge about how to use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign and know the colour composition and contrast and different elements of design, can become graphic designers and take paid projects and make it an extra income source. 

  • Small Business on Social Media

People who dream of having their own business with their brand name can start their small business on different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Marketplace, and many other sites as well. You have to be consistent and post regularly to attract an audience and make a side income source by selling your product. 

  • Virtual Interior Design 

An interior designer can work virtually as a side income source and connect online with the customers and design templates and room models or designs and provide them online. 

  • Handmade Crafts

If you’re a creative individual who enjoys crafting handmade items, consider selling your products on platforms like Etsy to add a 2nd income source to your life.

  •  Web Development Service  

All those who know how to develop websites or design websites can make a side income source by developing websites for a business or an organisation. 

  • Baking

If you love baking cookies and cakes, you can start up your business and sell your cakes, brownies, cookies, and many other items and earn money through that. Anyone can be a baker from a college student to a working person.

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  • Translation Service

There are requirements to translate texts, voice mails, subtitles, or any document in different languages and people who know certain languages can work as a translator and earn money. There are many job openings for translation and people can also consider it as a side income source.

  • Writing and Publishing Books

If you are an ardent writer, you can write a book of your own and publish it and attain good experience and financial gains. You can also publish your book online on Kindle and earn a good amount of money.  

  • Rent Your Property

If you have an extra space or room, you can put it on rent on Airbnb and earn a lot of money through it as a side income source.

  • Video Editing

Video editors can take certain paid projects from customers, edit videos as per requirement and generate extra income sitting at home. 

  • Online Gaming

Gamers nowadays are earning high financial gains by playing and winning tournaments and if they have ample supporters, they get brand sponsorships as well and get paid for it. 

  • Online Yoga Classes

Nowadays the demand for yoga instructors is increasing and if you are a skilled yoga instructor, you can teach people online and earn monetary benefits through it making an additional income source.

  • Online Therapy Sessions

You can give online therapy sessions and earn money with them.

  • Podcast 

People with outstanding communication skills can start their podcasts. You can cover any topic according to your skills and knowledge. You can also earn money making it a second income source. 

  • Trading

Trading can also be an extra income source as you can attain financial gains by investing your money in stocks and mutual funds. 

  • Virtual Marketing Strategies

You can assist businesses with the techniques and strategies to implement and develop the value and services or products they deliver.

  • School Projects

If you are a creative person and want to have an extra income source then you can take up the school projects or holiday homework of students and charge money for making. 

  • Career Counsellor 

Nowadays many students are confused about which course to opt for after college and they require guidance for the same. So by becoming a career counsellor, you can help them resolve their confusion and money with the same.

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  • Google AdSense

Google AdSense is considered an easy way to earn and add an additional income source. Google AdSense pays you to display advertisements on your website blog or YouTube Channel. The financial gains you get depend upon the type of Ad and visitor location. 

  • Selling Courses

All those people who are very knowledgeable and have a keen interest in a certain subject can record their clips or videos teaching and sell them to any popular institutions and coaching.

  • Online Surveys 

In a world where public opinion matters a lot, there are websites like Toulna where you can make an additional income source and earn money through online surveys.  

  • Sell Unwanted Stuff

Decluttering unwanted items can make you a lot of money as you can sell your unwanted clothes or any other items to someone who wants them and there are many thrift stores for the same. 

  • Licensing the Art

If you are an art enthusiast, you can use licensing which means that your artwork can be used by big companies and each time they sell any product with your design, you will be paid for it.

  • Remote Customer Support Service

Some firms prefer remote customer support agents due to a lack of office space or any other reason. So you can make an extra income source for working as a customer support agent in these firms. 

  • Stock Photography

If you are a good photographer, you can sell your photos on various websites and generate an additional income source.

With the growing technology, many income sources have emerged in the market and if you utilize these opportunities you can generate good income. But with growing opportunities, risk factors like fraud and scams have also increased. So before applying for something or accepting an offer check it properly and then accept it. 


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