30 Business Ideas Under 10000 in 2024 | Startup Ideas Under 10K


Running your own business offers numerous lifestyle benefits. With autonomy over your schedule, you have the freedom to choose when and where you work. Despite the considerable financial risk involved, managing your own business presents the opportunity to generate higher income compared to being employed by someone else.

You reap the rewards of your own efforts rather than relying on an employer. Interested in self-employment but lacking sufficient capital to invest in a startup? Simply invest your dedication and time into an idea that aligns with your passion and has the potential to generate additional income without requiring much capital.

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Best Business Ideas Under 10K

Explore this compilation of 30 amazing business ideas that can be launched with an investment of less than Rs 10,000.

Small Business Ideas Under Rs. 10000

  1. Dropshipping

This is one of the best new business ideas that is making waves in the market, delivering substantial profits for small-scale entrepreneurs. Dropshipping entails running an online store sans inventory or warehouse. Simply liaise with manufacturers or suppliers to fulfil customer orders directly. Operating within the Rs 10,000 budget, focus on effective marketing via social media platforms to grow steadily, offering quality service.

  1. Social Media Management Services

In today’s digital age, businesses are actively seeking proficient social media managers for their online advertising needs. A successful provider excels in engaging digital audiences through compelling storytelling and promotional strategies. To thrive in this field, adaptability to trends and scalability are crucial. With a minimal startup cost, hiring a team to manage content creation and social media accounts doesn’t require much resources, making it one of the best business idea with low investment.

  1. Graphic Designing

Graphic design has emerged as a flourishing industry in recent years. With the rise of small enterprises and the importance of branding, design services have become essential for businesses. Common requests include website, visual concept, logo and layout designs. This is one of the top small business ideas that demand minimal equipment investment, mainly relying on essential software like Photoshop, Canva and Illustrator.

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  1. Travel Agency

A travel agency ranks amongst the top 10 new business ideas for anyone to start. With tourism on the rise in India, there’s a growing demand for travel services. As a travel agency owner, crafting enticing itineraries with cost-effective arrangements is crucial. Starting a home-based travel agency involves minimal initial startup cost.

  1. Blogging/Freelance Writing

If you possess writing prowess, then consider venturing into content creation, one of the best online business ideas. From blog posts and magazine articles to copywriting and resume creation, freelance writing offers various opportunities. Minimal requirements are needed to launch a writing business; focus on building a compelling website and networking with potential clients from the outset.

  1. Photography

It stands as one of the top 10 most successful businesses to start, with photographers consistently sought after for personal and professional events. Whether it’s corporate seminars, promotions, weddings or exhibitions, visual documentation is vital. If you have a passion for photography, then it’s a great business idea to start under 10000. The startup cost involves purchasing a quality digital camera, lenses, a tripod and editing software. You can opt to freelance or collaborate with established photography firms.

  1. Tiffin Services

It has emerged as a lucrative venture with minimal investment, becoming one of the most popular business ideas for women. As the preference for dining at home rises, there’s a surge in demand for nutritious home-cooked meals, especially amongst working couples. Commence this service from home without any initial startup expenses, utilising ingredients readily available in your kitchen. By offering a blend of delicious flavours and wholesome ingredients, you can transform it into a highly lucrative enterprise.

  1. Tuition Centre

This presents yet another profitable avenue for entrepreneurs with limited capital. Tuition classes or coaching centres rank amongst the top home business ideas, negating the necessity for rented premises. You can conduct classes either on a one-to-one basis or in larger groups. With expertise in your field, you can excel and expand your reputation through word of mouth. As your business expands, consider hiring professionals in various fields and transitioning to a rented space.

  1. Vlogger/Streamer

Currently, vloggers and streamers rank amongst the top earners in the entertainment industry. To succeed, aim to make one of your videos go viral, focusing on a specific theme like video games, tech reviews or movies. You’ll require a camera, a reliable internet connection and video editing software. Online tutorials can help kickstart your low-budget business with as little as Rs 10,000.

  1. Handmade Crafts

Embarking on a handmade novelty startup serves as one of the most unique business ideas. Craft items encompass jewellery and knitted goods. It also involves repurposing everyday items creatively. Begin by listing products on e-commerce platforms and eventually launching your online store. Allocating funds for materials, website development, and design is crucial for starting this venture.

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  1. Online Bakery

If you are passionate about baking, then opening an online bakery can prove to be one of the best startup ideas for you. Offering endless customisation and global flavours can enhance your unique selling proposition. Focus on perfecting baking techniques, sourcing high-quality ingredients, obtaining reliable equipment and building a network. Positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is key to marketing your brand effectively.

  1. Candle Making

Handmade candles are consistently sought after, both domestically and internationally. Various establishments, including spas, handicraft stores, home decor stores and households, constitute potential markets for your scented candles. To kickstart this venture, you’ll require wax, fragrant oil, moulds, wicks, and essential equipment like an oven, melting pot, pouring pot, thermometer and weighing machine. With a modest investment of under Rs 10,000, candle-making presents one of the most successful small business ideas for creative individuals.

  1. Influencer Marketing

It is a low budget business concept that taps into individuals with significant sway over consumer purchasing decisions. This sway typically arises from their popularity and reputation. Marketing to an influencer’s audience is akin to word-of-mouth marketing, leveraging the influencer’s authority to promote products. Unlike traditional marketing, it focuses on the influencer rather than the consumer’s needs.

  1. Pet Services

In today’s society, many individuals have one or more pets, considering them as part of their family. This has led to a surge in demand for pet services, making it one of the top low-cost business ideas with high profit potential. Common pet services include dog walking, grooming, training, sitting and nutrition consulting. Necessary supplies can often be sourced from pet stores, but it’s essential to review each item before purchase.

  1. Personal Trainer

If you’re passionate about fitness, then becoming a personal trainer could be one of the best small-scale business ideas for you. Provide in-home consultation, therapeutic exercises and personalised nutrition plans to expand your client base. Consider offering online classes as well. You might also explore partnership opportunities with local gyms to offer training bundles and special promotions.

  1. Bookkeeping/Accounting

If you have a knack for numbers or an accounting background, then starting an accounting or bookkeeping enterprise is one of the top business ideas for you. Many businesses lack the resources for an in-house accountant and seek external assistance for tax filing and financial management. All you need are essential software tools and a strong client relationship to succeed in this venture.

  1. Online Cooking Tutorials

Creating quick and enticing recipes and sharing them via vlogs have gained immense popularity on YouTube. If you excel in cooking, then becoming a content creator on the platform is one of the best small business ideas from home. Building a subscriber base is crucial for monetisation and potential partnerships with marketing agencies, offering new avenues for revenue generation.

  1. Software Development

If you possess a keen interest in software engineering and proficient coding skills, then consider venturing into software development. With many businesses transitioning online, there’s a growing demand for bespoke software solutions. To kickstart a software development venture, focus on acquiring clients seeking tailored software solutions. Initially, working from home with just a laptop and Wi-Fi suffices, making it one of the best business ideas on a small budget. As your client base expands, consider hiring specialised software developers to scale your operations.

  1. Custom Gift Store

In a world filled with technological advancements, the demand for personalised gifts is on the rise. Opening a customisation startup, such as a gift shop, offers a unique and original business with a small budget. By catering to the specific needs of customers, you can enhance your business prospects and increase revenue. Additionally, consider offering corporate gift options to further expand your market reach.

  1. Yoga Classes

In India, the wellness industry is flourishing as people seek solace in today’s bustling world. Yoga has gained immense popularity, presenting one of the best low budget business opportunities. With a modest investment, you can commence yoga classes at home or rent a studio/community centre. Group sessions foster motivation, encouraging participants to pursue a healthy lifestyle collectively.

  1. Bed and Breakfast Operator

One of the best low investment business ideas under Rs 10,000 you can pick is utilising your spare space. If you have extra rooms in your home, then running a bed and breakfast could be an excellent venture. Renting out rooms for holidays or listing them on platforms like Airbnb can provide a steady income stream. Maintaining cleanliness and ensuring adequate space for cooking and serving are essential. Some B&B owners incorporate unique themes into their establishments, but sticking to the basics works well too.

  1. Tea/Breakfast Joint

You might have observed bustling breakfast and tea stalls across the city, always crowded with customers. Food remains a lucrative commodity in any competitive market, making a breakfast joint one of the best low budget business ideas. To start your breakfast joint, you’ll need permission from local authorities and a rental space for your stall. With a monthly rent of approximately Rs 5,000, allocate the remaining budget for utensils, groceries and second-hand furniture.

  1. Event Organiser

Event management is another one of the successful startup business ideas you can explore. Event planners often focus on specific types of events, like weddings or parties. Organisation and attention to detail are essential. Partnering with venue operators and party suppliers for cost-effective options for clients is advisable. Utilise online applications or software for better event planning strategies. Consider investing in business cards and research competitors to offer competitive packages to customers.

  1. Wedding Consultant

A wedding consultant is tasked with planning and coordinating wedding celebrations. Starting a wedding consultancy can be done with a minimal cost, making it one of the top low-budget business ideas. Being a wedding consultant involves assisting the bride or groom with wedding-related tasks, requiring experience and expertise. Moreover, building the right connections is essential to facilitate various aspects of wedding planning. 

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  1. All Service Centre

This is one of the most innovative business ideas in small budget that can be executed with just Rs 10,000. An all-service centre offers a wide range of services under one roof, catering to various household needs like plumbing, electrician services, carpentry, and security. By opening an online store showcasing these services, maintaining good contacts with vendors and offering prompt, affordable services, success can be achieved quickly. Collaborating with gated communities, societies and groups can further expand this business idea.

  1. Pickle and Sauce Store

Every Indian household enjoys the taste of homemade pickles, sauces and chutneys. However, with more women joining the workforce, there’s a growing demand for these products. Starting a homemade pickle business from home is one of the greatest low-investment business ideas. All you need are fresh ingredients, a traditional recipe and packaging materials. With effective word-of-mouth and online marketing, your venture can thrive.

  1. Fruit Juice Kiosk

The urban Indian population is becoming increasingly health-conscious, making a fruit juice kiosk one of the most profitable business ideas for budding entrepreneurs. Obtaining permits and renting a space in a chosen locality are the initial steps. Besides monthly rent, investment is minimal, mainly for raw materials and basic supplies. Experimenting with new beverages can boost popularity and attract more customers.

  1. Food Truck

The trend of healthy food on wheels is thriving in urban Indian cities, making opening a food truck an excellent business with small budget. Food trucks offer delicious and nutritious meals at reasonable prices, representing a modern version of traditional food stalls. Their mobility is a key advantage, allowing them to serve various locations throughout the day. With a budget of Rs 10,000, starting a food truck business requires only basic equipment, a functional truck and a small staff.

  1. Translation

If you’re proficient in multiple languages, then translation could be one of the best startup business ideas for you. There are two main types of translators: technical and general. Technical translators focus on medical, scientific or legal content, while general translators handle various documents like audits, resumes and public materials. Consider investing in a thesaurus or scientific dictionary, along with tools like Grammarly, to aid in deciphering and ensuring accuracy across diverse texts.

  1. Catering

Another of the the most lucrative small business ideas for you can be catering. You can launch a catering venture right from the comfort of your home, offering anything from just desserts to a full menu. Creativity is key in this business. Basic equipment can often be found in a typical household. Invest initially in ingredients for specific recipes and experimentation. Embrace fusion cuisine for added innovation.

When it comes to starting your own business, your bank balance is not all that matters. The real game-changer is a good idea. There are plenty of amazing new business ideas that anyone can start successfully and gain high profits with an investment of under Rs 10,000. So, check out these 30 low-budget business ideas for inspiration to kick-start your journey to entrepreneurship. 


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