Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips & Tricks – 7 Tips To Win Fantasy Cricket


Online cricket games have seen a major boost in the past couple of years and their impact on shaping the online gaming industry cannot be denied in any sense. One such format of online cricket is fantasy cricket which has lately emerged to be one of the most popular options when it comes to online games. 

Various fantasy cricket platforms have come out offering various versions of the game, all equally enjoyable to participate in. Though, with the rise in popularity, also comes a rise in the percentage of competition that you’ll have to go against. In such cases, you need not worry, for we’ll provide you with some effective fantasy cricket tips that can help you win big whenever you decide to play. 

Before all of this though, you’ll need to understand the concept of fantasy cricket, especially if you’re a beginner who wishes to be prepared before taking part in your first fantasy cricket match. 

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Fantasy Cricket: A Brief

Fantasy cricket in short can be described as a strategic online cricket game, where the players (you) create teams virtually. The overall concept of this is directly inspired by real-life cricket games, players and teams. Here, you create the teams using real players of your choice, and the scores, points and rewards are entirely dependent on how these cricketers perform in live matches. 

Sounds interesting, right? While this can be a great way to experience cricket in a completely new form and take on a more pivotal role that allows you to feel the same as a team selector, there are certain things to keep in mind while playing fantasy cricket.

  1. It is majorly a game of analysis, game understanding & some luck, so you’ll need to always keep in mind the fantasy cricket tips and tricks provided below to ensure that you have a much better chance of winning.
  2. No matter what, you have to research. Knowing more about the game, about the players and their skill sets, and about the platform that you’ll be using as well, can play a crucial role in helping you understand the game concept.
  3. Keep up with the latest cricket updates. Knowing about any last-minute progressions in cricket can go a long way in ensuring that you win big. 

Fantasy Cricket Tips And Tricks To Help You Win Big In Your Next Match

To ensure that you win big on your next fantasy cricket match. Listed below are some important fantasy cricket tips that you can keep in mind to increase your chances of winning your next match.

  1. Choosing A Suitable Platform:

Your best chances at winning are to go for some of the lesser-known fantasy cricket apps to ensure that there is less amount of competition to go against when you invest in matches and competitions on a daily basis. 

  1. Points System:

Make sure that you understand how the point system for this specific fantasy cricket app you are using works since each of these platforms has its own sets of rules and regulations and way of how this overall point system works.

  1.  Captains and Vice-Captains & Their Importance:

Other than your team members, choosing your captains and vice captains is pretty much the most crucial part of building the perfect team that can ensure your way to success. This is because captains earn double points, and vice-captains earn 1.5 times the overall points depending on their field performances.

  1. Player Skills, Performance and Health:

Track a player’s skill as well as their current performance on the field before making your team and choosing your captains and vice captains. Rather than reputation, These factors have a better play in making sure that you have a better chance of winning. Analysing all of these factors can help you make a better decision that can benefit you in the long run.

  1. All-rounders Are Your Safest Bet:

One of the most essential fantasy cricket tip that you should keep in mind, especially as a beginner Is that going for an all-rounder player can be your safest bet as well as an almost assured guarantee that you will come out of matches and competitions as a winner.

  1. Wicket-Takers Are More Important Than Batsmen:

This statement may seem absurd to you but there is a specific reason as to why you should choose and go for more wicket-takers rather than batsmen when making your team. This is because in the majority of the fantasy cricket platforms, scoring wickets gives you more points in comparison to runs.

  1. Be The Early Bird:

Competition on most fantasy apps is high. So enter leagues two to three days before the actual match is going to happen in real life. Turn on your alerts on the application and make sure to track when the opening starts to enter as soon as possible. A lot of people end up forgetting to make changes to their team after the toss is made. Joining early can help you choose better players for your team.

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Additional Fantasy Cricket Winning Tips: Mistakes To Avoid To Make Sure You Win

You need to ensure that you choose your captain, vice-captain, as well as your team players not based on their reputation or popularity, but based on their skill set, and performance on the field as well. One of the biggest fantasy cricket winning tips that you can keep in mind is that research everything. 

Often one of the most vital mistakes that people tend to make while playing fantasy cricket and choosing their team is not taking into consideration the current factors. You need to understand what kind of player the pitch will favour (batsmen or bowlers), as well as keep track of the weather to ensure and understand if the game will play through or not.

Another major mistake that beginners tend to make in fantasy cricket games is that they collectively put all of their resources into one gameplay. As mentioned before fantasy cricket is also luck dependent. Of course, there are things you can do to protect your assets and prosper as well. You can ensure this by smartly investing in different matches and competitions at a time. This reduces the risk of loss and provides you with better chances of winning. 

Fantasy cricket can be one of the most enjoyable ways To win some rewards. You can earn a lot. If you ensure that you keep these fantasy cricket tips and tricks In mind, well, playing the game. The main takeaway for you here is that researching, understanding the points system, choosing captains and vice-captains wisely, considering player skills and performance, selecting all-rounders, prioritizing wicket-takers, and many other things can be your golden ticket to winning in fantasy cricket.

FAQ’s About Fantasy Cricket Tips

What to keep in mind when trying out fantasy cricket?

Choosing the most suitable fantasy cricket app while trying the game out Is something that you should always keep in mind. Of course, you can always opt for the more popular and mainstream apps, but going for the lesser-known options can help ensure that you face less competition than usual.

What fantasy cricket tips can help to ensure a win?

Things such as tracking player statistics, going for major wicket-takers, and ensuring that you choose your captains and vice captains wisely are some of the main fantasy cricket tips that can help ensure a win in your competitions.

Can you use these fantasy cricket tips for today match to ensure a win?

Of course, these fantasy cricket tips and tricks can be used for today’s match to ensure a win. These steps are general and evergreen.

Are there any specific fantasy cricket tips for beginners looking to improve their skills?

The first and most important fantasy cricket tips is to bulk up on your knowledge of the sport, the current players, their skills, special areas, everything. Even keeping up with the weather conditions can help you.

What are some common mistakes to avoid while playing fantasy cricket?

You need to keep up with the current news and go for players based on their performance and skill set rather than their current reputation. Don’t invest all money in one match.


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