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About Online Cricket Games

In an era where the digital realm has intertwined with our daily lives, the world of sports has not remained untouched. Cricket, a game that resonates with millions, has found its digital counterpart in online cricket games. These games offer enthusiasts a chance to experience the thrill of the pitch from the comfort of their screens. From classic test matches to T20 leagues, the digital cricketing world is vast and varied.

Best Online Cricket Games List

1. Rush Cricket Pulse: Rush Cricket Pulse offers an immersive experience with its top-notch graphics and realistic gameplay. Players can participate in this tournament styled game on cricket online & earn money like never before.

2. World Cricket Championship 3: This game stands out for its comprehensive coverage of professional cricket. Players can engage in tournaments that mirror real-life events, making every match feel like a grand event.

3. Real Cricket™ 20: A game that brings the excitement of the T20 format to your screens. With its impressive graphics, players can feel the adrenaline rush of a real T20 match, complete with crowd cheers and strategic gameplay.

4. Stick Cricket Super League: A more casual approach to the game, Stick Cricket is perfect for those short breaks. Its simple interface combined with challenging gameplay makes it a favorite among many.

5. Cricket Megastar 2: This game offers a unique perspective, allowing players to start as budding cricketers and climb the ranks to achieve international stardom. It’s not just about the matches but also about the journey.

6. MS Dhoni: The Official Cricket Game: Step into the shoes of one of India’s greatest cricket captains. This game offers a narrative mode where players can relive the iconic moments of Dhoni’s career.

7. Big Bash Boom: Based on Australia’s T20 league, this game offers fast-paced action combined with the thrill of club cricket.

8. Epic Cricket – Big League Game: Boasting high-quality graphics and in-depth gameplay, Epic Cricket offers a comprehensive cricket gaming experience, from bowling tactics to batting styles.

9. Gully Cricket Game: Bringing the raw charm of street cricket to your screens, this game is all about the nostalgia of playing cricket in narrow lanes.

10. Battle of Chepauk: Represent the Chennai Super Kings in this game and lead them to victory in various challenges and tournaments.

11. Cricket T20 Fever 3D: Dive deep into the world of T20 cricket with this game’s 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay.

12. Cricket Captain 2020: More than just playing, this game requires strategic management, making players the captain, responsible for team selection, field placements, and more.

13. Cricket World Domination: A card-based cricket game where players can build their teams and strategies to dominate the cricketing world.

14. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions: Relive the journey of the master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar, and play through the iconic moments of his illustrious career.

15. Power Cricket T20: Showcasing the power-packed action of T20 matches, this game is all about hitting those big shots and setting high scores.

16. Cricket League GCL: Create and manage your cricket club, train players, and participate in leagues to become the best in the world.

17. Hitwicket Superstars: A unique blend of cricket and strategy, players manage their teams and make crucial decisions to climb the ranks.

18. Cricket Black: With minimalist graphics, this game offers a different aesthetic while keeping the core cricketing action intact.

19. Smash Cricket: A game for those who love to hit big. Smash Cricket is all about the thrill of hitting sixes and leading your team to victory.

20. All Star Cricket: Featuring international teams and players, this game offers a comprehensive cricketing experience with various tournaments and series.

21. T20 Card Cricket: Combining the thrill of cricket with the strategy of card games, this unique game offers a fresh perspective on cricket gaming.

Each of these games brings its flavor to the table, ensuring that every cricket enthusiast finds something that resonates with their love for the sport. Whether you’re into the strategic depth of test matches or the fast-paced thrill of T20s, there’s an online cricket game for you.

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Steps to Play Online Cricket Games

Playing cricket games online is a straightforward process:

  1. Sign Up/Log In: Most games require players to create an account or log in through social media platforms.
  2. Select a Mode: On some platforms you may need to choose between test matches, one-day internationals, T20s, or leagues.
  3. Choose Your Game: Start by selecting a game from the online cricket games listed.
  4. Customize Your Team: Pick your players, set your lineup, and strategize based on your opponent.
  5. Play: Dive into the match, making decisions based on real-time scenarios and your cricketing knowledge.

How to Download Games on Cricket?

1. Visit the Game’s Official Website or App Store: For instance, to download Rush Cricket Pulse, visit Rush website

2. Click on Download or Install: This will initiate the online cricket game app download process.

3. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Once downloaded, open the game and follow the setup instructions.

4. Start Playing: Dive into the world of online cricket and enjoy these games on cricket.

Advantages of Playing Cricket Games Online

  • Skill Development: Enhance your understanding of cricket strategies and gameplay.
  • Accessibility: Play anytime, anywhere, without the need for physical equipment or space.
  • Variety: With numerous online cricket games app available, there’s a game for every type of cricket enthusiast.
  • Social Interaction: Many games, especially multiplayer cricket games, allow players to compete with friends or players worldwide.

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Pros & Cons of Online Cricket Games


  • Realistic Experience: Modern cricket games offer graphics and gameplay that closely mimic real-life cricket.
  • Skill Enhancement: Players can better understand the game’s nuances and strategies.
  • Global Interaction: Play online cricket games with or against players from all over the world.


  • Addictive Nature: Like all online games, cricket games can be addictive, leading to extended screen time.
  • In-Game Purchases: Some games might push players towards in-game purchases, leading to unexpected expenses.

The world of online cricket games has revolutionized the way fans interact with the sport. From casual games to simulate real-life tournaments, there’s something for everyone. As technology continues to advance, the line between the real and virtual cricketing world will blur even further, offering fans experiences beyond their wildest dreams.

Comment about your experience with online cricket games. Also don’t forget to share other games on cricket that should be part of the cricket games app list. 

FAQ’s About Online Cricket Games

How can we play online cricket games?

Simply sign up or log in, select your preferred mode, choose a game and start playing.

Which is the best app to play online cricket games?

There are many apps that offer great experiences like Rush Cricket Pulse, World Cricket Championship and Real Cricket 20 are currently one of the top contenders.

Which is the No 1 cricket game?

Rush Cricket Pulse, World Cricket Championship and Real Cricket 20 are considered among the no.1 cricket games online.

What are online cricket games?

They are digital versions of the sport, allowing players to experience cricket matches on their devices.

Can I play online cricket games on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Most modern games are optimized for mobile play.

Which are the most popular cricket games for mobile phones?

Rush Cricket Pulse, World Cricket Championship, and Real Cricket 20 are among the most popular.

Which are the best free cricket games online?

Stick Cricket, Cricket Megastar, and Rush Cricket Pulse offer free versions for players.


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