Fastest 50 in IPL History: Top 10 Fastest Half Century Runs in IPL


IPL or Indian Premier League is held annually and is known by the name TATA IPL as it is sponsored by TATA. It is a men’s T20 Cricket League and is held annually in India. The BCCI or Board for Control for Cricket in India founded this league in the year 2007 and it is held usually in the summer between March to May. IPL is the most popular cricket league globally and people worldwide wait for it excitedly. 

IPL is renowned for its intense matches and active players who have pushed the boundaries and broken many records. Many records have been broken in the cricket field which all the fans cherish and one among them is the fastest fifty in IPL or the fastest half-century in IPL which is achieved by many players with their remarkable performance and their ability to explosive batting and ignite the tournament. 

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Top 10 List of Fastest 50 in IPL History

Let’s hit the ground running about different players who have marked their place in IPL’s fastest 50 list.

PlayerTotal RunsBalls FacedAgainstMatch Date
Yashasvi Jaiswal9813 BallsKolkata Knight Riders11 May 2023
KL Rahul5114 BallsDelhi Daredevils8 April 2018
Pat Cummins5614 BallsMumbai Indians 6 April 2022
Yusuf Pathan7215 BallsSunrisers Hyderabad24 May 2014
Nicholas Pooran6215 BallsLucknow Super Giants10 April 2023
Sunil Narine5415 BallsRoyal Challengers Bangalore7 May 2017
Suresh Raina8716 BallsKings XI Punjab30 May 2014
Ishan Kishan5116 BallsSunrisers Hyderabad8 October 2021
Fastest 50 in IPL

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Yashasvi Jaiswal (13 Balls)

Many players have participated in IPL but there are a few who have set the record for scoring the fastest half-century in IPL and Yashasvi Jaiswal is one among them who holds the record for the fastest fifty in IPL history in just 13 balls. Yashasvi Jaiswal is an Indian International Cricketer who plays for team India and was born on December 28, 2001. He was in the Rajasthan Royals and was playing against Kolkata Knight Riders in the year 2023 when he broke the record. Yashasvi Jaiswal broke the records of KL Rahul and Pat Cummins who scored half-centuries in 14 balls. Yashasvi Jaiswal made his team proud and filled with joy with his commendable batting in the Indian Premier League in 2003. 

KL Rahul (14 Balls)

KL Rahul, one of the renowned players of all time is an Indian Cricketer who has set the record for fastest 50 in IPL in the year 2018. With his electrifying performance, the whole stadium vivifies and cheers madly. He was playing for the team, Kings XI Punjab against Delhi Daredevils. KL Rahul was inexorable to hold the record for fastest fifty in IPL. He scored his fastest 50 in just 14 balls. He was a juggernaut that season of the Indian Premier League and sets an example to all the children of our generation that hard work pays off.

Pat Cummins (14 Balls)

Pat Cummins is an Australian Cricket player who is quite famous for his fast and finest bowling. Still, he is a threat to bowlers as well, as he marked his place by breaking the record for the fastest half-century in the Indian Premier League. His spirit and breathtaking knocks were remarkable and immutable in that season of IPL. Pat played for Kolkata Knight Riders and was playing against Mumbai Indians in the year 2022. He made notable contributions with his aggressive batting and made his team proud. Pat Cummins proved to play incredibly with bat and ball making a mark in the history of IPL. 

Yusuf Pathan (15 Balls)

Yusuf Pathan is an Indian Former Cricketer who played in the IPL for Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Sunrisers Hyderabad. He holds the place in the IPL fastest 50 list. In the 2014 IPL, his performance made the whole stadium cheerful and alive as he successfully scored a half-century in 15 balls. He played for Kolkata Knight Riders that season and won the title and many hearts. He is an inspiration to many people and people celebrated his victory with love and respect. 

Nicholas Pooran (15 Balls)

Nicholas Pooran is a Trinidadian Cricketer who plays for West Indies and known for his awe-inspiring performance in IPL, making his place in IPL’s fastest 50 list. He played for Lucknow SuperGiants against Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2023 IPL match. Nicholas Pooran’s astounding performance won many hearts and made everyone thrilled. 

Sunil Narine (15 Balls)

Sunil Philip Narine was born on May 29, 1988, and announced his retirement from international cricket in November 2023. His contribution to the realm of cricket has immensely inspired people worldwide. He is known as an all-rounder and made his contribution to IPL by playing for Kolkata Knight Riders and achieving the fastest 50 in IPL in the year 2017. He went ballistic that day and made people proud across the world. His batting and bowling both are stellar and his confidence and hard work in IPL were proved the day he made his place in IPL’s fastest 50 list.

Suresh Raina (16 Balls)

In the year 2014, the top Indian cricketer made the record of the fastest fifty in IPL history. He played for Chennai Super Kings and played against Kings XI Punjab. He amazed everyone with his performance and impressively showcased his hard work and skills marking that day of achievement and celebration in everyone’s heart and soul. In 16 balls, Suresh Raina made the half-century. Suresh Raina became the backbone of his team in that season and played with full dedication. 

Ishan Kishan (16 Balls)

Ishan Kishan who plays for the Indian Cricket team sets to hold the place in the fastest half-century in IPL in the year 2023. He made his team Mumbai Indians proud and flabbergasted and made the opposite team Kolkata Knight Riders drained. Ishan Kishan was born on July 18, 1998, and has been a hard worker and his performances are incredibly strong in every match. 

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Players with the Fastest 50 in IPL- 17 Balls

  • Chris Gayle played for Royal Challengers Bangalore and made the record for the fastest 50 in IPL in the year 2013. He was playing against Pune Warriors in that season. His astonishing innings made him the record-holder that day. 
  • Hardik Pandya is known to set the record for the fastest half-century in IPL in the year 2019. He is an Indian cricket player who played for Mumbai Indians against Kolkata Knight Riders and made a record by knocking off 17 balls. 
  • Kieron Pollard is a Trinidadian Cricket Player who played for Mumbai Indians in the 2016 IPL match and made a record of the fastest fifty in IPL. He is an inspiring player. 
  • Chris Morris, in the year 2016 played for Gujarat Lions and made the whole team and people all across the nation proud by succeeding in making the record of fastest fifty in IPL. 

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Apart from the mentioned players, many more players have succeeded in making records of the fastest fifty in IPL history and making their team and their fans proud. All the players are commendable and inspiring. IPL has always been a sport that not only highlights the player individually and their achievements but also showcases teamwork in its true essence. 

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