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Cricket is a sport that is loved by many, and has seen a lot of record-breaking feats over the past years. A lot of cricket players have come and gone, setting and breaking records throughout their tenure and making a name for themselves in the industry. This article explores some of these record-breaking feats, more specifically some of the longest six in cricket history made by both national and international players across the globe.

Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History

There have been a lot of record makers and record breakers in the world of cricket, all of which have solidified and established their place in the industry as well as the sports’ history. Names like Chris Gayle, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Brett Lee, and Shahid Afridi are a part of this list of the longest six in cricket history, and rightfully so.

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Playing against some major names, these players have managed to score some memorable sixes, enough to shoot the ball outside the stadium to make the crowd go wild! Listed below are the top 10 biggest six in cricket history to celebrate these players and achievements, while also helping you learn something new about the sport.

Longest Six in Cricket History
S. No.Name of the PlayerDistance of SixYear of RecordCountry of OriginOpponent Team
1Chris Gayle116-metre six2010West IndiesIndia
2Shahid Afridi118-metre six2005PakistanAustralia
3MS Dhoni118-metre six2009IndiaNew Zealand
4Yuvraj Singh119-metre six2007IndiaAustralia
5Mark Waugh120-metre six1997AustraliaNew Zealand
6Corey Anderson122-metre six2014New ZealandIndia
7Liam Livingstone122-metre six2021EnglandPakistan
8Martin Guptill127-metre six2012New ZealandSouth Africa
9Brett Lee143-metre six2005AustraliaWest Indies
10Shahid Afridi153-metre six2013PakistanSouth Africa
List Of Players Who Have Hit Longest Six

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Chris Gayle:

Gayle’s power-hitting tricks and amazing bowling skillset on the field have made him the rightful first mention on this list of the longest six in cricket history. He managed to score a long 116-meter six during a T20 match in 2010 while playing for West Indies against India. He scored this long six against Yusuf Pathan’s bowling. The ball crossed the boundary, shocking the crowd and establishing his place in the industry.

Shahid Afridi:

At 118 metres six, Shahid Afridi scored one of the longest sixes on this longest six list. In 2005. Afridi is known to be a powerhouse in the cricket industry so this feat did not come as a surprise for anyone. Afridi holds a place on this list twice, scoring a 153-metre six in 2013 while playing against South Africa’s Ryan McLaren in Johannesburg. 

MS Dhoni:

One of the most well-known and celebrated players on this list, MS Dhoni scored a 118-metre six during his tenure in 2009, when he was playing in a match against New Zealand in Auckland. This six is another addition to one of the biggest six in international cricket made by an Indian cricketer.

Yuvraj Singh:

Using his amazing skills on the field, Yuvraj Singh managed to score a 119-metre-long six, making it one of the biggest six in international cricket, during the T20 World Cup in Australia in the year 2007.  Singh was playing against Brett Lee at the time and managed to score this amazing achievement even against Lee’s unmatchable bowling skills.

Mark Waugh:

Standing at 120 metres, Mark Waugh scores a place on this list quite easily. Waugh scored this amazing feat during a match against New Zealand in 1997. Mark Waugh is a retired cricketer who has established his place in the cricket industry during his tenure as a cricketer. His famous skillset and titles as a stroke master earn him a rightful place on this longest six list. 

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Corey Anderson:

During his first-ever ODI match against India, Anderson managed to score this amazing achievement during one of his first major cricket matches. Corey Anderson scored a 122-metre-long six against Mohd Shami in 2014. This established his name in the industry and became one of the biggest six in cricket history.

Liam Livingstone

Livingstone is another famous cricket player who scored a 122-metre six during his match in 2021 against Pakistan. He was playing in the T201 in Headingley. This became one of the longest six, establishing his persona as a powerhouse hitter, and scored him his rightful name on this longest six list.

Martin Guptill:

Martin Guptill scored a 127-meter six in 2012 while playing in a cricket match against Lonwabo Tsotsobe in a T20 match against South Africa. He made the ball crash against the stadium’s rooftop and left all the spectators watching in total awe. 

Brett Lee

Scoring a 130-metre six, Brett Lee scored one of the longest six in cricket history during a match with West Indies back in 2005. Brett Lee is known for having a pretty good pace on the field and for having a great hand on the bat as well.

There have been many players in the cricket industry who have scored some amazing and some of the biggest six in cricket history, all of which deserve a lot of praise. Shahid Afridi is noticeably one of the most renowned players on this list with a 158-metre six, making him the player who scored one of the longest six record in international cricket.

FAQ’s About Longest Six In Cricket History

What is the longest six in cricket history?

Shahid Afridi scored the longest six in cricket history at a 158-metre-long six.

Who did Shahid Afridi play against while scoring his longest six?

Afridi was playing against Corey Anderson in Johannesburg, in 2013 against South Africa.

In which year did Corey Anderson score his longest six in cricket?

Anderson played in his first ODI match in 2014 and scored a 122-metre six against Mohd Shami.

Who hit the longest six in a Test match?

The longest six in a Test match was hit by Martin Guptill, with a 127-metre six.

When did Yuvraj Singh score his longest six in cricket history?

Yuvraj scored his longest six during a match in a T20 World Cup in Australia in 2007. He scored a 119-metre-long six against Brett Lee.


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