ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Schedule 2022 – Downloadable PDF


All geared up for the T20 world cup matches for 2022? We are too. We’re all rooting for India to win it this time. For 2022, the ICC T20 world cup start date is Sunday, 16th October and the end date is Sunday, 13th November. The matches will be held in the famous stadiums of Australia. 

From the schedule for 2022, it looks like the upcoming T20 World Cup will have a lot of interesting matches such as India versus Pakistan, India versus South Africa and many more. Now, sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered on the next t20 world cup full schedule. Check out the T20 world cup match list now!

T20 World Cup Timetable 2022

Here is the T20 world cup schedule 2022 divided into 4 groups: Round 1 Qualifiers, Super 12 Group 1, Super 12 Group 2, Knockouts and Finals. Find all of India’s ICC T20 world cup schedule under Super 12 Group 2 and onwards. Check out the T20 world cup time table and mark your calendars now!

World Cup T20 Schedule (16th October – 13th November 2022)

Download ICC Mens T-20 World Cup Timetable 2022

Round 1 – Qualifiers

Match DateTeamsTime (IST)StadiumVenue
16-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS Namibia9:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
16-Oct-2022UAE VS Netherland1:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
17-Oct-2022West Indies VS Scotland9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
17-Oct-2022Zimbabwe VS Ireland1:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
18-Oct-2022Namibia VS Netherlands9:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
18-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS the UAE1:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
19-Oct-2022Scotland VS Ireland9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
19-Oct-2022West Indies VSZimbabwe1:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart
20-Oct-2022Sri Lanka VS Netherlands9:30 AMKardinia ParkGeelong
20-Oct-2022Namibia VS the UAE1:30 PMKardinia ParkGeelong
21-Oct-2022West Indies VS Ireland9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
21-Oct-2022Scotland VS Zimbabwe1:30 PMBellerive OvalHobart

Super 12: Group 1 fixtures

Match DateTeamsTime (IST)StadiumVenue
22-Oct-2022Australia vs New Zealand12:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
22-Oct-2022England vs Afghanistan4:30 PMPerth StadiumBurswood
23-Oct-2022A1 vs B2
9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
25-Oct-2022Australia vs A14:30 PMPerth StadiumBurswood
26-Oct-2022England vs B29:30 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
26-Oct-2022New Zealand vs Afghanistan1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
28-Oct-2022Afghanistan vs B29:30 AMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
28-Oct-2022England vs Australia1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
29-Oct-2022New Zealand vs A11:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney
31-Oct-2022Australia vs B21:30 PMThe GabbaBrisbane
1-Nov-2022Afghanistan vs A19:30 AMThe GabbaBrisbane
1-Nov-2022England vs New Zealand1:30 PMThe GabbaBrisbane
4-Nov-2022New Zealand vs B29:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
4-Nov-2022Australia vs Afghanistan1:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
5-Nov-2022England vs A11:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney

Super 12: Group 2 fixtures

Match DateTeamsTime (IST)StadiumVenue
23-Oct-2022India vs Pakistan1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
24-Oct-2022Bangladesh vs A29:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
24-Oct-2022South Africa vs B1
9:30 AMBellerive OvalHobart
27-Oct-2022South Africa vs Bangladesh8:30 AMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
27-Oct-2022India vs A212:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
30-Oct-2022Bangladesh vs B18:30 AMThe GabbaBrisbane
30-Oct-2022Pakistan vs A212:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
30-Oct-2022India vs South Africa4:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
2-Nov-2022B1 vs A29:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
2-Nov-2022India vs Bangladesh1:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
3-Nov-2022Pakistan vs South Africa1:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney
6-Nov-2022South Africa vs A25:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
6-Nov-2022Pakistan vs Bangladesh9:30 AMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
6-Nov-2022India vs B11:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

Knockouts and Final

Match DateTeamsTime (IST)StadiumVenue
9-Nov-2022Semifinal 11:30 PMSydney Cricket groundSydney
10-Nov-2022Semifinal 21:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
13-Nov-2022Final1:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

Download the T20 world cup schedule now!

India T20 World Cup Match Schedule 2022

Searching for ‘India matches T20 world cup’? Look no more, here is your one stop guide to the T20 World Cup Schedule India 2022. Take a look!

T20 World Cup Schedule : IndiaDateTimeStadium Venue
INDIA VS PAKISTAN23-Oct-20221:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
INDIA VS A227-Oct-202212:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
INDIA VS SOUTH AFRICA30-Oct-20224:30 PMPerth StadiumPerth
INDIA VS BANGLADESH2-Nov-20221:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
INDIA VS B16-Nov-20221:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne
SEMIFINAL 19-Nov-20221:30 PMSydney Cricket GroundSydney
SEMIFINAL 210-Nov-20221:30 PMAdelaide OvalAdelaide
FINAL13-Nov-20221:30 PMMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 Match Time Table Downloadable PDF

Keep the T20 world cup upcoming matches list handy even when you’re at work or outside. It always comes in handy for match days when your schedule is hectic and you don’t want to miss the match too. We’re all rooting for India to bring the cup home this time. Some of you may already want to know the next t20 world cup date? It’s scheduled to be around February in 2023. 

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