Most Dangerous Team in IPL – Which is the most Dangerous Team in IPL?


IPL is one of the most famous and competitive cricket games to ever be made in the sports industry. Thousands of fans follow along for the two-month-long T20 tournament from every corner of the world. Every team and every player that takes part in it tries to give their all on the field to ensure victory. 

Ever since it started, IPL has seen a lot of talent come and go. Even with all of the frequent changes in players and whatnot, certain teams have still managed to create a name for themselves. Holding a strong image in the cricket industry these teams have managed to stay on top, time and time again in the face of all adversities. 

Has all this created some questions in your mind? Has it got you wondering about which is the best team or which is the most dangerous team in IPL? Well don’t worry, we’ve got the answer right here for you. Below you’ll find a curated list of some of the most dangerous team in IPL history along with some much-needed information about the teams.

The Most Dangerous Team in IPL: The Top 4 Teams

S. No.TeamIPL Titles WonIPL Runners-upQualified for Playoffs
1Mumbai Indians51 time10 times
2Chennai Super Kings55 times12 times
3Kolkata Knight Riders21 time7 times
4Royal Challengers Bengaluru03 times8 times
Most Dangerous Team In IPL

Mumbai Indians (MI)

Mumbai Indians have been known to hold a strong image in the IPL tournament ever since it was started. They are right now one of the best and most dangerous teams in IPL history. Featuring talented and powered batters like Suryakumar Yadav, Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, and fast bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah (known for his pace attacks), Trent Boult, Jofra Archer, Jason Behrandoffand, and Lasith Malinga. Apart from the above mentioned names, having an all-rounder on your team like Tim David,will surely turn the game in your favour. 

Not only that but their five IPL wins show that the Mumbai Indians are definitely the most dangerous team in the IPL. MI is the first IPL team to take the title home five times. They also got the runner-up crown once and appeared in the playoffs ten times during the IPL.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

Chennai Super Kings come second on this list right after the Mumbai Indians. Also called the ‘yellow army,’ CSK can be considered a dangerous team in the IPL due to their ability to stay calm on the field, no matter what the situation may be. 

Chennai Super Kings has won the IPL title 5 times (under Dhoni’s captaincy) and has become the runner-up 5 times. Last year, they became the second team to win the most number of IPL titles after MI. Other than this they’ve qualified for the playoffs approximately 12 times out of all 14 seasons.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)

Kolkata Knight Riders comes at number three in this list of dangerous team in IPL. KKR has established their place in IPL history and is a team to be on the lookout for. KKR started strong in the IPL tournaments, with Brendon McCullum scoring 158 runs, which ended up providing the tone for the team’s talent.  Their power hitters (Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, and Chris Lynn) are known to take over the field, while bowlers like Sunil Narine provide the opponent with a powered-up bowling attack. Kolkata Knight Riders have won the IPL titles twice, have won the runner-up place one time, and have been part of the playoffs 7 times. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)

To finish off this list, Royal Challengers Bangalore takes the fourth and final place on this list of the most dangerous team in IPL history. RCB is known for their explosive and powerhouse batting techniques, but are still yet to win an IPL title. Even with all this though, they are still one of the most talented IPL teams in the industry. 

The team features talented players like Dinesh Kartik, formerly Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers (Mr 360), Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, and Faf du Plessis, all of whom are known for their batting prowess. With Mohammed Siraj (known for his powerful pace attacks on the field) and Josh Hazlewood on their side, even their bowling techniques are something to look out for. 

Teams With Potential: Most Dangerous Team In IPL Contenders

Other than the aforementioned IPL teams, there are a few more names that can very easily qualify for the title of one of the most dangerous team in IPL history. Listed below you’ll be able to find some notable mentions that have a lot of potential:

  1. Delhi Capitals:

Delhi Capitals is one of the next best teams that can still be considered one of the most dangerous team in IPL history since they have been consistent in their performance through all of the tournaments. Featuring batting gods like David Warner, Rishabh Pant, and Prithvi Shaw under their wing, they are surely one of the strongest teams on the roll. Along with this, they also have all-rounders Anrich Nortje and Axar Patel, and some of the best bowlers in the tournament like Mustafizur Rahman and Ishant Sharma as well.

  1. Sunrisers Hyderabad:

Featuring one of the strongest and also one of the most expensive players in IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad holds Pat Cummins in their lineup. Along with this, they also have Wanindu Hasaranga (known to be one of the most talented spinners.) Looking at the talent and their general performance over the past years, SH has been on the rise to stardom. So far Sunrisers have won the IPL title once, and are rightfully one of the top most notable mentions for one of the most talented and dangerous team in IPL.

  1. Gujarat Titans:

Gujarat Titans have become one of the strongest and most well-known teams in recent IPL games as the quality of their games has improved. They’re one of the competitors for the most dangerous team in IPL rightfully so, because of talented additions to the team like Shah Rukh Khan, Azmatullah Omarzai, Kartik Tyagi, and Spencer Johnson. So far they’ve managed to win one title during the IPL franchise. 


IPL has seen a lot of talented players in the past years ever since the tournament started, and a lot of teams have performed great on the field. Mumbai Indians have gone through it all and still are the most dangerous team in IPL history.

After MI, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Royal Challengers Bangalore are strong competitors to take over the title. Any team can become a dangerous team in IPL, if they are consistent with their performance and ensure to keep a strong front in the face of adversity.

FAQ’s About Most Dangerous IPL Team

Which team is dangerous in IPL?

Mumbai Indians are the team that can easily be called one of the most dangerous team in IPL.

How many IPL titles have Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won during their tenure in the tournament?

CSK so far has won the IPL title 5 times and has been the runner-up 5 times

Which team is most dangerous in IPL after the Mumbai Indians that can rightfully compete against them for the title?

Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders are the next top two best and most dangerous team in IPL history, coming right after Mumbai Indians. Both the teams have a similar number of wins and feature some of the best players in IPL, making them both a force to be reckoned with.

Which team has been part of the most playoffs in IPL history?

Chennai Super Kings have been part of the playoffs 12 times, which is the most amount of times in IPL.

What can make a team dangerous in IPL tournaments?

A complete combination of strong and talented players, good coordination, and consistent performance on the field, can make a team become one of the best and most dangerous team in IPL.


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