11 Common Myths About Online Gaming


All gaming enthusiasts come across myths about online gaming. Some from family, friends, colleagues and even fellow gamers. People are of the view that gaming is a waste of time, money and effort. What people cannot realize is that online gaming has changed over the last couple of years. It is no longer the old video game experience or the violent gaming spree. It has evolved into a mature and skill-based experience and adventure. Here is a list of online gaming misconceptions which we’ll bust one by one. 

Common Misconceptions About Online Gaming

Those who have played games online will agree about the quality of its experience. Even though there are a lot of online gaming myths, here are some myths busted about online gaming:

Myth #1: Online gaming makes you violent.

Many believe that online gaming, or gaming, ‌brings out the violent side in you. However, it is not the case. People play all genres of casual, fun, adventure, horror, thriller, and still be calm and patient because the act of gaming does not require you to be violent. Instead, it requires you to be totally in control of your senses to make the best strategy and win the game. Those who get violent do not showcase the sportsmanship online gaming requires. 

Myth #2: Online gaming makes you socially distant.

Many people think that if you keep playing games online, you will miss out on your social life. It is definitely not the case. Most mature gamers are mindful of their screen time and others pay equal heed to other priorities in life such as study, work,family and friends. 

Myth #3: Online money makes you lose all your money.

It is a common misconception about online gaming that you will go bankrupt once you play real money games online. However, this is not the case. Online games, and especially real money games, differ from gambling. Real money games require you to use a small portion of money to enter games and win big prizes. 

Myth #4: Online games are a meaningless waste of time.

For those who are unfamiliar with the magic of online games feel it is useless. But online game enthusiasts will agree on the health benefits of online games, such as increased focus, memory, concentration, analytical and strategy skills, etc. 

Myth #5: Online games require no skills. 

People believe online games require no skills or ability, but just pure luck. But this is not how it works these days. All games require either strategy, matching, calculating, fast answering, hand and eye coordination, etc. 

Myth #6: Online games are addictive.

One of the most common myths about online gaming is that it is addictive. It may be true sometimes, but it is not a generic fast because online games require time, effort and skill and can exhaust. However, for those who find it addictive in the bad sense of the word must practice responsible gaming. 

Myth #7: Online gaming is for entertainment only.

Yes, online gaming is a source of entertainment for most of us. But it offers more than that too. Online games, and especially real money games, are the new source of income for many people. Apart from that, many people find these games therapeutic and a good stress reliever after studying and work.

Myth #8: Only unemployed people play online games.

This is definitely a myth about online gaming. People of all ages, gender, social status and employment status play games online. 

Myth #9: Online gaming is not for women.

Definitely a myth. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about online gaming and many top-notch female gamers prove it wrong each day with their skills and strategy. 

Myth #10: Online games are big only outside India. 

Many people in India believe that the gaming scene is lit only in the West. But it is just a myth. The gaming industry and audience is fast growing in India as is across the world and the multitude of online money earning games is an evidence. 

Myth #11: Online games are best played on sites and not on apps.

Many people prefer to play on the web for playing games online. But the apps today, such as Rush, offer a smooth and superior gaming experience even on their apps. There are no lags or distracting advertisements which make the gameplay super fun and entertaining. These apps totally bust the online gaming myths. 

What if we say that the Rush App has busted myths about online gaming from the very start? 

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