List Of Top 10 Indian Carrom Players 2023


Did you know the word ‘Carrom’ means ‘to strike and rebound’? There’s more. Did you know that 23th August is celebrated as International Carrom Day? Known to have been invented for the Indian royalty, Carrom is a one-of-a-kind board game. This 4-player game is played on a board with 4 pockets and several white, black pucks. In most places, these black and white pucks are called Carrom Men. A red/pink puck placed in the center of the board is called the Queen. Usually, whoever wins the queen along with its cover, also wins the game. 

Now on to Indian carrom players. Want to know who is the best carrom player in india? Here is a list of the top Indian carrom players and the titles they’ve won. There are a lot of world champions on the list, so read on! 

Top 10 Carrom Players in India

We all love playing carron and want to be the best carrom board player in India. But do you really want to know about India’s best carrom player? Here is not just one but the top 10 Carrom Players in India.  

  1. Ravivarman Sharmila

R. Sharmila, Indian Carrom Champion belongs to Tamil Nadu, the place that gave birth to many other carrom geniuses. Starting at a very young age, Sharmila won the sub-junior national twice along with the senior national thrice, Federation Cup Single titles and the Independence Cup. 

  1. A. Maria Irudayam

The Carrom Champion in India, A. Maria Irudayam, hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He started playing carrom at the age of 17 and won the Indian National Championship 9 times and the World Carrom Champion 2 times. He tops all best carrom players list you’ll ever find. 

  1. Rashmi Kumari

Hailing from Bihar, India, Rashmi Kumari is an international carrom champion. She won the World Carrom Championship twice along with several sub-junior national championships. 

  1. Parmi Nirmala

Known as the Queen of Indian Carrom and one of the best Indian carrom players , Parmi Nirmala holds a stellar record when it comes to the game. She is known to have won numerous times in many competitive titles such as the All India LIC Champion, State Champion, Senior National, Federation cup champion and more more. 

  1. S. Ilavazhagi

Another World Champion from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, S. Ilavazhagi won the National Carrom Championship and Carrom World Championship in women’s singles in the same year. .

  1. K. Srinivas

A carrom champion from Hyderabad, K. Srinivas, has won several men’s single and double tournaments along with the 4th Carrom World Cup, Maldives. 

  1. Prashant More

Hailed as the recent Carrom Champion, he has won the Carrom World Champion, Carrom World Cup and was a part of the winning team in the 2019 Carrom Mini World Cup. 

  1. Irshad Ahmed Ansari

Known as the defending Carrom Champion of India, Irshad Ansari won the title by defeating Prashant More. Just like More, Ansari too won the Carrom World Champion and was part of the winning team in the 2019 Carrom Mini World Cup. 

  1. Saikumar Apoorva

Known as the first World Champion from Hyderabad, S. Apoorva is a defending Carrom World Champion in women’s singles. Starting out as early as 10 years of age, she went on to conquer the International Carrom Federation Cup, Carrom World Championships, Carrom World Cup and several state tournaments. 

  1. B. Radhakrishnan

Hailing from Tamil Nadu, B. Radhakrishnan is known as one of the best carrom players from India. He won many titles such as the Men National Championship and the SAARC Carrom Championship. 

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