Celebrities Who Love Playing Online Games – #7 would Surprise You


Everyone loves playing games online. Ever thought about celebrities who love playing online games? We did. Like all of us, these celebrities from Bollywood and Cricket love playing games onlines be it card or casual games. Here is a list of some of the celebrities who are avid gamers. Some of the names will totally surprise you. 

Celebrities Who Play Games

Just as we do, most of the celebs who love online gaming do so for the fun, excitement and entertainment it has to offer. Here is a special list of celebrities who love online games and their favorite games too. Check it out!

List of Celebrities Who Love Online Games

Abhishek Bachchan

Did you know that Abhishek Bachchan loves playing sports games online as much as he does on the field? He is a big football fanatic and loves to play all kinds of games on his phone and PS5.

Anushka Sharma

You’ll be excited to know that like all of us, Anushka Sharma is a big Ludo fan. She is known to play a game or two in between breaks at work. 

Tiger Shroff

One of the many celebrities who play games is Tiger Shroff. Similar to his action-centric roles in movies, Tiger loves playing games like Call of Duty and other virtual sports games.

John Abraham

Like a lot of other celebrities who love playing online games, John Abraham too enjoys playing PUBG and other games of that genre. 

Varun Dhawan

Another name in the list of celebrities who love online games is Varun Dhawan. He is a big Mario fan and also enjoys playing FIFA, Grand Theft and other online games. 

Virat Kohli

Want to know what you and Virat Kohli have in common? The love for playing games online. Virat is a fan of fantasy cricket games, FIFA, PUBG, etc and never misses an opportunity to play when he is not training. 

MS Dhoni

Known as Captain Cool on field, MS Dhoni, yes, your favorite cricketer loves online games as much as you do! He is known to love playing PUBG, Call of Duty and other online games. Surprising, right?  

Shah Rukh Khan

Remember the famous card game scene from Badshah where everyone loses to Shah Rukh Khan’s character? That happens in real life too. He is particularly fond of card games, FIFA duels, racing games, etc.  

Amir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist, Amir khan is known to be extremely fond of card games such as Rummy and Poker. Be it online on his phone or offline at occasions such as Diwali parties, he aces the game everywhere. 

Shahid Kapoor

Just like other celebrities who are avid gamers, Shahid Kapoor loves playing Poker. He is known for his amazing card skills and tricks that leave everyone around him in complete awe. 

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