21 Best Board Games of All Time You Can Play in 2024


Board games have been an important part of all our lives. Be it the classic ludo, snakes and ladders or carrom, we’ve played  it all and still do. But what are the best board games of all time to play online with friends and family? Here’s a specially curated list of popular board games to play.

Popular Board Games List

Board games are usually divided into two player and four player games based on the game structure. Most two player games involve dice or pawns and are smaller time period games. On the other hand, four player or group games are longer games that can go on up to a few hours and involve either cards, letters, team formation, combat, etc. Here are the top board games to play and enjoy. 

  1. Speed Ludo

It is a faster and more fun version of the classic ludo game. It can be one of the most interesting two player board games to play in 2022. To win, be the first one to make all your pawns reach home while killing the opponent’s pawns on the way and absorbing their scores. 

  1. Carrom Freestyle

It is a fun and exciting casual board game that can be played by up to four players. To win the game and real cash rewards, you must pocket the maximum number of pucks including the queen and its cover. 

  1. Crossword

It is a fun word puzzle board game that can be played with friends and family. It is one of the great 2 player board games of all time and can accommodate up to 4 players.To win, use the cues listed under ‘down’ and ‘across’ to find the exact words. 

  1. Monopoly

It is a classic economy-based board game enjoyed by all during their childhood and adulthood. Definitely one of the most fun board games to play. To win, players must move around the board, collect rent from the opponents until they turn bankrupt. 

  1. Snakes & Ladders

It is one of everyone’s favorite group board games. To win one of the best online board games, make your moves as per the numbers on the dice and reach ‘home’ or 100 as early as possible. But make sure, you skip all snakes and land up only on the ladders.  

  1. Chess

It is a strategy board game played with black and white pieces. It is one of the best 2 player board games for couples. To win, one must smartly move pieces to check-mate the opponent’s pieces on the board and capture it. 

  1. Pandemic

It is a new online cooperative board game. It has become 2022’s one of the most popular board games. To win, players must successfully save the world against deadly viruses in an immersive experience world.  

  1. Herd Mentality

It is one of a kind board game. To win, a player must answer a question keeping in mind how a herd of people would answer that question. 

  1. Unfathomable

It is a multiplayer co-op board game where you face the horrors of the oceans as crew and passengers. To win, a player must survive terror and traitors. 

  1. King of Tokyo

It is a fight and combat online board game. To win, a player must kill all monsters that attack Tokyo and be the last man standing. Download the top 10 board games now!

  1. Disney Villainous

It is a Disney-based face-off board game where different villains come together and battle it out. To win, a player must be the villain to claim all the realms of the Disney world. 

  1. Mysterium

It is a mystery and horror board game involving murders and ghosts. To win, a player must solve the mystery of the murder of a restless ghost. 

  1. Space Base

It is a strategic dice board game where players draft ships to their space base. If played well, it can be one of the best family board games to play over the weekend. To win, a player must get the maximum points and get promoted to the admiral stage. 

  1. Blood Rage

It is a thrilling strategy board game to play with a group of friends. It involves controlling and occupying territories by battle or combat to win the game. 

  1. Azul

It is a fun tile-matching board game, perfect for a game night with friends and family. It is one of the most famous board games this year. To win, you must identify and match specific patterns and complete sets to win the most points.

  1.  Black Out Bingo 

It is a popular online game played with a bingo grid matched with real money rewards and bonuses. It is one of the top board games of all timeTo win, you must be the first to get lucky and cross out all numbers and lines. 

  1. Marvel Champions: The Card Game

It’s time to be your favorite superhero. To win, choose your character and your opponent and fight it out with the cards and powers of the Marvel universe. 

  1. Horrified

It is a cooperative strategy game about a fight against the monsters. To win the game, a team of heroes must deploy the correct strategy and kill the devil monsters. 

  1. Nemesis

It is an interesting group game about the survival of the fittest. To win, a player must survive all the twists and turns until the end of the game and be the last player standing. 

  1. Monikers

It is a fun multiplayer party game that involves a lot of fun activities such as charades, names, phrases etc. It is one of the good board games you will find online. To win, a team must identify the maximum number of names by the end of the three rounds of the game. 

  1. Scrabble Go

It is a fun word formation skill to play with friends and family. To win, use all the letters you have and make the best words you can think of and get the maximum points. 

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Top Board Games Of All Time: 

  • Speed Ludo
  • Carrom Freestyle

Do check out the other trending games:

  • Call Break
  • Fruit Fight
  • Pool Royale

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