List of Top 15 Online Indian Games 2023


Online gaming platforms have become very popular in India and are one of the biggest sources of entertainment for the youth. Online gaming platforms are popular in India because of their affordability and accessibility. If you are one of those gaming enthusiasts too, here is a list of the top online games in India that you shouldn’t miss. 

Games Available Online In India

Online gaming platforms have a wide range of games to offer, ranging from online multiplayer games to single-player RPGs. These games can be:

  • 2-player games: These are two-player games which are usually played on a table top with pucks and pawns or include a showdown of cards or tricks or strategy. The player to be the first to finish the task wins the game. 
  • 3 player games: These are two or more player games which involve a competition between players to wager, bluff, play trump cards, or win a game of dice or some form of sports. 
  • 4 player games: These are group-focused games which include cards sequencing, moving/collecting pawns and pucks across the board, shedding cards, etc. 

List Of Online Indian Games

Check out the top online games in India. 

  1. Ludo
  2. Carrom
  3. Quizzy
  4. Call Break
  5. Pool
  6. Archery
  7. Rummy
  8. Cricket
  9. Fruit Fight
  10. Disc Football

Other online Indian games which are popular are: 

  1. Snakes and Ladders
  2. Chess
  3. Golf
  4. UNO
  5. Knife Master

Most Popular Online Games In India

The trendsetter in online gaming in India are: 

  • Ludo: #1 on top online games in india

Start with one of the best online games in India, Ludo. This made in India game has been a favorite for years now, be it online or offline. You would love to know that invention of ludo is highly debatable, and there are lots more interesting tips and tricks to win ludo!

  • Carrom: Trending in most popular online game in india

All 90’s kid, have played carrom game. It must have been your favorite at some point in time. Winning the queen and making a pillar out of pucks, which has now become scoring points and eventually real cash, is still a loved game for most of us. 

  • Quizzy

If quiz and puzzle games are your favorite genre, you’re in luck. Quizzy is an interesting quiz game, based on speed and requires perfect hand and eye coordination. 

  • Call Break: The most iconic Card Game online in India

Did you know that card games actually bring good luck? This is exactly the reason they are played on most festivals like Diwali, etc. Play online gaming indian legend, Call Break now! 

  • Pool

How good are you at pocketing the 8-ball? 10/10? If yes, then online pool game is the perfect game for you to play and earn cash. Who knows, you could be the next top pool player from India

  • Archery

Did you know that the world’s best archer’s are from India? Then you must give archery online gaming Indian games a try.

  • Rummy

Are you a rummy fan? If yes, then how many types of Rummy games have you played? If not many, there is a lot of base for you to cover, from Indian Rummy to Korean and American Rummy, there is a lot on the cards for you to explore and champion.

  • Cricket

We all love cricket. Don’t you? What better way to play cricket than on a smartphone, online? Play and become the best cricket player of all times, in online Indian games. 

  • Fruit Fight

Fruit Fight is a great choice for 2 player games online with friends. To win, you must core the highest points by slicing fruits, creating combos and avoiding the bombs. 

  • Disc Football

Disc Football is a perfect pick for when it comes down to the most interesting games two people can play. To win, you must pick the best disc formation strategy and score goals to get the highest points.  

  • Snakes and Ladders

If you love board games, this one has to be your favorite. This game is again made in India and is known for its entertainment and unpredictability. Find out who invented snakes and ladders and how to win it now!

  • Chess: A classic in popular online games in india

Chess online is an intense casual strategy game played with black and white pieces between 2 players. In the game, a player must smartly move pieces to check-mate the opponent’s pieces and capture it. Be the first to check mate and win real cash. 

  • Golf

Golf online is a great game for people of all age groups. All you need to do is pocket balls and score points.

  • UNO

We all love playing uno. It is one of the best online party games to play with family and friends. All you need to know is when and how to use your trump card to turn the game to your advantage. Be assured, it will be one of the much-loved online games to play with friends. 

  • Knife Master

Fairly new to online gaming in India, Knife Master has become an instant hit. Just like Fruit Fight, it is an interesting focus-based game. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the top Indian games online?

Ludo, carrom, call break, etc are some of the best online games in India.

Which is the most popular online game in India?

There are many popular online games in India, but ludo is definitely the most popular.


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