30 Christmas Party Games For Everyone To Play 2023


Everyone loves festivals, especially Christmas which rings in the holiday season and the new year. And the best thing about Christmas are the parties and Christmas games. So, what are your plans for this year? What Christmas party games will you be playing? Haven’t decided yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a specially curated list of Christmas games online.

Free Christmas Game

Fun Christmas games are of several kinds. It totally depends on what you and your family and friends prefer as a source of entertainment. Check out these Christmas games for adults: 

  • Board games are played on a tabletop, such as Chess, Ludo, Carrom, etc. 
  • Card Games include a deck of cards, such as Rummy, Call Break, and UNO.
  • Cue Sports are games like 8-Ball Pool, Billiards, Snooker, etc., that use cue sticks and balls.
  • Esports are video games that feature competitive esports like golf, archery, etc.
  • Simulation games include World of Tennis, Retro Bowl, and others.
  • Games that emphasize strategy include Mahjong, Tetris, and other similar games.
  • Puzzle games require you to solve puzzles, including Homescapes and Cookie Jam.

Christmas Party Games 

Christmas party games can be played both online and offline. But this time, take your Christmas festivities up a notch with online fun & real money games to play on the Christmas eve, New Years and other festivals. From paytm cash games, card games to casual games, here are the top 30 Christmas party games for adults that you, your family and friends will love. 

Best Christmas Games Online Free

Looking for Christmas game ideas for family? Here is the list of Christmas games online that you can play with your family and friends.

  1. Call Break: It is one of the famous online games in the card category that involves tricks and skills to win hands and ultimately the game.
  1. Ludo: Use your coloured pawns to reach home while killing the pawns on the way in this thrilling and fun multiplayer game. Win the game and even real cash too. 
  1. Carrom: To win carrom Christmas games and real cash rewards, you must pocket the maximum number of pucks including the queen.
  1. Rummy: To win Rummy, a player must be the fastest to create a pure sequence, sequences and sets as per the rules.
  1. UNO: All you need to know is when and how to use your trump card to turn the game to your advantage.
  1. Bingo: To win bingo this Christmas, you must be the first to get lucky and cross out all numbers and lines. 
  1. Quizzy: To win quizzy, a player must be the fastest to answer all questions correctly. 
  1. Pool:  It is the virtual version of the classic 8-Ball Pool sport and you must have pocket balls (either stripes or solids), followed by the 8 ball (black ball). 
  1. Archery: The player with the best archery hits wins the game and real money rewards. 
  1. Disc Football: To win disc football you must score the maximum goals before your opponent.
  1. Golf: In this game of golf, pocket maximum balls before your opponent to win the game.
  1. Knife Master: Show off your aiming skills by throwing knives on the board and earning points.
  1.  Brick Smash: Adjust bricks in such a way that you clear layers and win points, and eventually real money. 
  1. Cricket: It is a popular online team game where money can be earned depending on the performance of players.
  1. Snakes and Ladders: To win snakes and ladders, make your moves as per the numbers on the dice and reach ‘home’ or 100 as early as possible. 
  1. Space Base: To win space base, a player must get the maximum points and get promoted to the admiral stage. 
  1. Scrabble:  To win scrabble, use all the letters you have and make the best words you can think of and get the maximum points.
  1. Crossword: To win crossword Christmas games, use the cues listed under ‘down’ and ‘across’ to find the exact words. 
  1. Monopoly:  To win monopoly, players must move around the board, collect rent from the opponents until they turn bankrupt. 
  1. Unfathomable: It is a multiplayer co-op board game where you face the horrors of the oceans as crew and passengers. 
  1. Chess:  To win chess, one must smartly move pieces to check-mate the opponent’s pieces on the board and capture it.
  1. Poker: In the game, the player strategies over the best hand and wager to win the pot. 
  1. Herd Mentality: To win this game, a player must answer a question keeping in mind how a herd of people would answer that question.
  1. Mahjong: In the game, the player must have a strategy in place to pick the tiles in order to win the game.
  1. Teen Patti: In the game, the player must put stakes in the pot and the last player to resist folding wins it all as real cash rewards.
  1. Psych: In this game, choose the correct answer among the other fake ones and earn points. 
  1. Azul: It is a fun tile-matching board game, perfect for a game night with friends and family.
  1. Nemesis: To win, a player must survive all the twists and turns until the end of the game and be the last player standing.
  1. Strike: All a player has to do is stay in the arena until the strike ends.
  1. 21 Blitz: To win, a player must finish the deck as quickly as possible and while at it, they must identify all combos and bonus opportunities. 

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Excited to play these Christmas games right now? Don’t wait, download the Rush app now!

Play Free Christmas Games On Rush

The Rush app is an entertaining mobile-first gaming universe. You can play Ludo, Carrom, Call Break, Pool and many more sports, casual, arcade, card and board games on Rush and win real cash with friends and family on Christmas and all of the holiday season. 

Best Christmas Games Online Free

This Christmas and New Year’s, play and win real money on Rush. 

  • Speed Ludo: Best casual game
  • Carrom Freestyle: Best board game
  • Call Break: Trending card game
  • Fruit Fight: Most popular casual game
  • Disc Football: Most entertaining sports game
  • Pool Royale: Best cue sports game
  • Super Archery: Trending sports game
  • Quizzy: Best quiz game

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some Christmas party game ideas?

The best Christmas party game ideas are ludo, brick smash, disc football, pool, etc.

What are some Christmas game ideas for families?

The best Christmas game ideas for families are call break, ludo, carrom, disc football, quizzy, fruit fight etc.

Which are the best Christmas party games?

The best Christmas party games are pool, archery, knife master, golf, carrom, call break etc.

Give a list of free Christmas games online?

The list of Christmas games online free includes ludo, carrom, quizzy, pool, archery etc.

What are the best games to play at Christmas?

The best games to play at Christmas are card games, board games, esports games etc. that you can easily find on the Rush app.


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