21 Fun Party Games Ideas To Play With Friends or Large Groups


Who doesn’t enjoy online games at parties? All of us do! Interacting with loved ones, forming bonds while playing games, and entertaining ourselves are perfect. Here is a curated list of party games for you, so you don’t have to look up party game ideas or good party games anymore. 

Fun Party Games

What are the best and most entertaining games to play at a party? We have all played pass the parcel, musical chairs, dumb charades and many other offline and relatively easy party games. But now, it’s time to level up with fun party games online or simply real money games or NFT games, such as: 

  • Board games are played on a tabletop, such as Chess, Ludo, Carrom, etc. 
  • Card Games include a deck of cards, such as Rummy, Call Break, and UNO.
  • Cue Sports are games like 8-Ball Pool, Billiards, Snooker, etc., that use cue sticks and balls.
  • E-sports are video games that feature competitive e-sports like golf, archery, etc.
  • Simulation games include World of Tennis, Retro Bowl, and others.
  • Games that emphasise strategy include Mahjong, Tetris, and other similar games.
  • Puzzle games require you to solve puzzles, including Homescapes and Cookie Jam.

Advantages Of Simple Party Games

There are several reasons fun party games online are the ideal way to break the ice. Some of them include the following:

  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Improves strategy and analytical abilities
  • Buster for anxiety, sadness, and exhaustion
  • Memory enhancer
  • Excellent entertainment
  • Creating a bond with family and friends
  • Understanding the interests and characteristics of various people

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List of party games to play right now!

Check out the best party games for large groups here: 

  1. Pool- Cue sport game
  2. Call Break- Card game
  3. UNO- Card game
  4. Monopoly- Board game
  5. Carrom- Board game
  6. Chess- Board game
  7. Ludo- Casual board game
  8. Archery- Sports game
  9. Disc Football- Sports game
  10. Snakes and Ladders- Board game
  11. Pictionary-Board game
  12. Bingo- Casual game
  13. Scrabble- Board game
  14. Rummy- Card game
  15. Teen Patti- Card game
  16. Poker- Card game
  17. Golf- Sports game
  18. Cricket- Sports game
  19. Pokemon- Role-playing game
  20. Gods Unchained- NFT game
  21. Splinterlands- NFT game

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Loved this popular best party games list? Now, get these party games to play with friends online! 

Play popular party games online on Rush

Rush is a fun & free-earning game app with AAA quality games, where the competitive spirit of India comes alive. It has all the best party games to play with friends online. All players compete against each other in skill-based free sports, casual, arcade, card and board games & win real money. Get all your online party games to play with your friends/family in one app!

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Famous online party games on Rush: 

  • Speed Ludo
  • Carrom Freestyle
  • Call Break
  • Fruit Fight
  • Disc Football
  • Brick Smash

Want the best online party games to play with friends? Download the Rush App now!


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