17 Fun Games To Play In The Car Road Trip With Family & Friends


Travelling is fun, but it can be even more entertaining when you play games. Be it road trip games or games to play in the car, here is a list of fun to play with friends. 

The best way to pass the time on a long drive is to play car trip games. They can assist you in staying alert and diverting your attention from the monotony of driving. You may play a variety of different games in the car, ranging from straightforward memory games to more complex strategic games. See our list of the coolest car trip games below if you’re looking for some enjoyable games to play on your next road trip.

Playing games in the car with family can range from casual and fun to entertaining real money or NFT games. Some games to play in the car with friends categories are: 

  • Casual games: These games involve simple gameplay and skills. 
  • Board games are played on the tabletop and require strategy skills.
  • Card games: These games are played with a deck of cards and require tricks and wagering.
  • Puzzle games: These games involve puzzles and problem-solving skills. 
  • Action and adventure games: These games include action and adventure-based gameplay.
  • Sports games: These games are based on sports and need strategy skills.
  • Simulation games include stimulating activities that require effort and have different activities. 
  • Role-playing games: These games require players to act per the role given in the game. 
  • Strategy games: These games are based on strategy as a part of the gameplay.
  • Survival games: These games require players to do activities to survive.

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Games To Play While Travelling

For whenever your next getaway is, we’ve got your car games covered. We did some digging and brought you the best games to play while travelling, group and individual games that are easy to play and entertaining at the same time. 

Check out this curated list of fun games to play in the car for those long trips that need a little dose of fun to keep the road trip spirit going:

  1. Ludo: To win, you must move your pawns across the board to reach home and get the highest score.
  2. Snakes and Ladders: To win, you must move your pawns across the board by climbing a ladder and avoiding the snakes to reach home or 100. 
  3. Fruit Fight:  To win, you must core the highest points by slicing fruits, creating combos and avoiding the bombs. 
  4. Carrom: To win, you must collect the maximum number of pucks along with the queen and its cover, before your opponent.
  5. Quizzy: To win, you must answer all questions quickly and correctly. 
  6. Disc Football: To win, you must pick the best disc formation strategy and score goals to get the highest points.  
  7. Chess: To win, you must make strategic moves check-mate the opponents pawns, especially the king. 
  8. Pool:To win, you must pocket all striped or solid balls along with the 8-Ball before your opponent. 
  9. Archery: To win, you must score the maximum points by hitting the arrows on the target or as near as possible.
  10. Call Break:To win, you must bid the number of hands you think you will win and then battle it out at a showdown of cards. 
  11. UNO: To win, you must be the first player to shed their cards in the game. 
  12. Rummy: To win, make melds and sequences and call it ‘Rummy’, before your opponents. 
  13. Solitaire: To win, arrange the deck of cards in order, before your opponents. 
  14. Wordle: To win, guess the word of the day in the least number of chances. 
  15. Brick Smash: To win, adjust bricks to create layers and win points. 
  16. Battleship: To win, you must guess the other player’s strategy and destroy their ships. 
  17. Tic-Tac-Toe: To win, place three Xs or Os in a line before your opponent. 

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Get all the games during road trips in one gaming universe, the Rush App.

Rush Games During Road Trips

The Rush app is an entertaining mobile-first gaming universe. You can play Ludo, Carrom, Call Break, Pool and many more sports, casual, arcade, card and board games on Rush and win real cash without investing. 

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Best Fun Car Games To Play Now

On the next road trip, play and win real money on Rush. Here are some of the games to play in the car with family on Rush:

  • Speed Ludo: Best in the road trip games category
  • Carrom Freestyle: One of the best trip games
  • Call Break: Trending in fun car games category
  • Fruit Fight: Featured in the most popular games to play on a trip
  • Disc Football: One of the most entertaining games to play while traveling in car
  • Pool Royale: Best in the car travel games category
  • Super Archery: Trending in the car games for long drives lists
  • Quizzy: Best in the games while traveling category

Download Car Travel Games Online On Rush

For games to play while traveling on Android mobile phones:

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For games to play on road trip on iOS mobile phones:

Visit the App Store > Search for ‘Rush – Play Games, Win Cash’ > Tap on the ‘Get’ icon.

For desktop or computer:

Visit getrushapp.com > Enter your mobile number > Tap on the link in the SMS to download the apk.

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