15 NFT Games You Can Play & Earn NFT Tokens


If you prefer playing games for real money, you’ve obviously heard about non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs are basically special digital tokens whose value depends on their rarity, because it is unique and has a great value. You may have an edge in NFT-based real money or play to earn games because of the NFT’s high value. In these games, the NFT becomes a source of rewards and bonuses for the gamers. So, which are the top NFT games? Which are the best free NFT games? What are the best NFT games for android? Get all your questions answered below!

Benefits of Playing Top NFT Games

Want to make the most of your real money gaming experience? Play the best NFT games to:

  • Have full control over earnings
  • Enjoy in-app benefits
  • Indulge in a safe gaming experience with NFT
  • Own assets on the blockchain
  • Withdraw, sell, transfer, or rent out NFT
  • Experience transparent transactions

This is not it. Each game offers a unique experience. Here are the top NFT games play to earn.

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Top NFT Games To Play To Earn NFT Tokens

Here is a list of the NFT games available online. You can download these apps for free NFT games.

  1. Rush by Hike

 Want to play real money casual, card, arcade, sports, cue and board games with free NFT? Download the Rush app, one of the best NFT games android and iOs. 

  1. Axie Infinity 

Love battle and strategy free NFT games? Download now and get lucky with Axie Infinity. 

  1. The Sandbox Game 

One of the best NFT games, full of action, adventure and creativity is waiting for you. Get it from the app store now!

  1. Gods Unchained 

Searching for top NFT games in the card trading category? Look no further. Get Gods Unchained now!

  1. Plant vs Undead 

Probably one of the most popular in the NFT games list, Plan vs Undead is a great option for defense and strategy based free NFT games. Get it today!

  1. Illuvium 

Love role-playing free NFT games? Illuvium will be your new favorite!

  1. CryptoBlades 

Want to play one of the best NFT games for combat and battle? Download CryptoBlades now!

  1. Star Atlas 

Looking for free to play NFT games for strategy? Get hooked on Star Atlas and win big time!

  1. Splinterlands 

Get one of the best NFT games, Splinterlands and enjoy free NFT games and trading.

  1. NFT Champions 

If you want to play one of the best NFT games with an immersive experience, make NFT Champions your go-to real money game. 

  1. Polygonum 

One of the best survival simulation free NFT games, Polygonum, is a must play in the best NFT games to earn money.

  1. Guild of Guardians 

Like role-playing free NFT games? Guild of Guardians is your dream come true. Download now to know why!

  1. Blankos Block Party

One of the most recent entries in the NFT games list, Blankos Block Party is an action lover’s dream game with affordable NFTs. 

  1. Chainmonsters

Play one of the best free NFT games, Chainmonsters and take part in tournaments with your monster NFTs. Download this free NFT game now!

  1. Cryptokitties

One of the most popular and best NFT games, Cryptokitties is a must play in the cryptogames category. Try it out now!

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About the Rush App, the best NFT games

Rush is a popular fun & free NFT earning game app with AAA quality games. It has many skill-based free sports, casual, arcade, card and board games & win real money such as

  • Speed Ludo: One of the best NFT games
  • Carrom Freestyle: The most popular free NFT games
  • Quizzy: Features on all NFT games lists
  • Call Break: One of the best NFT games android
  • Pool Royale: Undoubtedly the best NFT games to earn money
  • Super Archery: One of the most entertaining free NFT games

The Rush Avatar NFT is a free NFT token available through the Rush App. Rush Avatar is a special 3D cryptocurrency token that players own, similar to NFT. It is the first gaming NFT in India and offers multiple in-app benefits or superpowers, including more earning and many more. Want to play NFT games? Get Rush!

Want To Play Free NFT Games?

To play free NFTs, you must first download the Rush App. Follow these steps to download free to play NFT games:

  1. For The Best NFT Games Android:

Visit getrushapp.com > Tap the ‘Download app’ button and open it > Tap ‘Install’ and sign up on Rush.

  1. For top NFT games play to earn on iOs

Visit the App Store and search for ‘Rush – Play Games, Win Cash’ > Tap on the ‘Get’ icon and sign up on Rush.

  1. For best NFT games to earn money on desktop

Visit getrushapp.com > Enter your mobile number to get an SMS with the download link > Tap the link to download the apk and open it > Tap ‘Install’ and sign up on Rush.

Don’t wait, download the Rush App to get your free NFT now!


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