21 Childhood Games 90’s Kids used To Play – #5 We All Played


Are you a 90’s kid? Then you agree that most of your childhood was spent playing several amazing casual indoor games. Which childhood games from the 90s were your favorite? Can’t pick one? Here’s a list of everyone’s most loved childhood games from the 90s!

Childhood Games 90’s Kids Used To Play

In the 90s, board games and video games were very popular. The whole video game scene had become mainstream and almost everyone loved spending time after school, playing video games. It was in the 90s that the 3D video games became a hit and were loved by all the kids and even adults, so much so that the 90s was the most successful era for video games. These 90’s childhood games were the starting point for a majority of game franchises, which lead the industry even today.

All kids would get together with their friend’s home consoles and video game collection. It was a great bonding activity that also contributed to the competitive spirit. These stellar home consoles were something every child wanted to have, much like the smartphones of today. These video games became collectibles, more like the toys in the form of games 90’s kids used to play. 

In the 90s, many types of casual games were a rage, some of which are:

games 90's kids play
  • Action games like Road Rash, WWE, etc. 
  • Action-adventure games like Midtown Madness, Prince of Persia, etc.
  • Adventure games like Street Fighter, Bayblade, etc.
  • Role-playing games like Mario, Pac Man, etc.
  • Simulation games like Pokemon, Contra, etc. 
  • Strategy games like Ludo, Carron, etc.
  • Sports games like Chess, Mahjong, etc.
  • Puzzle games like Tetris, Chinese Checkers, etc. 

These games were not just a source of entertainment, but a reason for friends and family to get together for game nights. Since not everyone had smartphones or small attention spans, like today, these indoor casual games were a big hit among all age groups. The time spent playing these games was fun,intense and rewarding. Here are the games that we have all grown up playing and cherish till date.   

Childhood Games Played By 90 Kids

Looking for 90’s childhood games? This list, of the best 21 childhood games 90’s kids used to play, will make you nostalgic!

childhood games played by 90's kids
  1. Carrom board game
  2. Mario video game
  3. Snakes & Ladder board game
  4. Pokemon video game
  5. Ludo board game
  6. Road Rash video game
  7. Tetris phone game
  8. Contra video game
  9. Midtown Madness video game
  10. Street Fighter video game
  11. Hangon video game
  12. Pac Man video game
  13. The Lost Vikings video game
  14. Tambola board game
  15. Mahjong tile game
  16. Chess board game
  17. Business board game
  18. Chinese Checkers board game
  19. Brainvita board game
  20. WWE card game
  21. Beyblade video game

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Childhood Games from 90’s Kids Used To Play

  • Rayman video game
  • Monopoly board game
  • Jenga tile game
  • Cricket card game
  • Aladdin video game
  • Rummy card game
  • Sudoku computer game
  • Scrabble board game
  • Minesweeper computer game
  • Solitaire computer game

Loved these childhood games from 90’s? Now download them and start playing! Thankfully, you can play most of these childhood 90s games even today, on your smartphone or desktop. A lot of these childhood games are available as real money games, where you can play these games and even win real cash rewards. Want to try? Get the Rush app now!

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90’s Childhood Games On Rush

90's childhood games
  • Speed Ludo
  • Carrom Freestyle
  • Brick Smash
  • Disc Football
  • Quizzy

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