15 Games Played By All Age Groups


Love bonding over games with family and friends? Look no further for games you can play with people of all ages, because we have the ‘it’ list ready for you!

Games Played By All Age Groups

When it comes to games, the game genre is very important. It defines the entertainment quotient the game has and therefore the interest people will have while playing those games. For games played in all age and games played by all age, there are the genres that fit the bill perfectly:

  • Board Games: These are games played on a table top, such as Carrom,Ludo, etc. 
  • Card Games: These are games played with a deck of cards, such as Call Break, UNO, Rummy, etc. 
  • Cue Sports: These are games that include a cue stick and balls such as 8-Ball Pool, Billiards, Snooker, etc. 
  • E-sports: These are games that include e-sports such as Archery, Golf, etc. 
  • Simulation Games: These are simulation games such as Retro Bowl, World of Tennis, etc.
  • Strategy Games: These are strategy-led games such as Mahjong, Tetris, etc. 
  • Puzzle Games: These are puzzle-solving games such as Homescapes, Cookie Jam, etc. 

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Benefits Of Playing Games Played By All Age

Games played by all ages make the perfect ice-breaker between people for a lot of reasons. Some of which are: 

  • Focus & concentration improver
  • Strategy & analytical skills enhancer
  • Stress, depression and burnout buster
  • Brain functioning improviser
  • Memory booster
  • Great source of entertainment
  • Perfect quarantine activity
  • Bonding with family & friends
  • Knowing interests and personalities of different age groups
  • Effective communication between various age groups or generations

Games Played With People Of All Ages

Here is the list of the best and most popular games played with people of all ages:

  1. Pool Cue Sports Game
  2. Archery Sports Game
  3. Carrom Casual Board Game
  4. Ludo Casual Board Game
  5. Quizzy Casual Game
  6. Disc Football Sports Game
  7. Fruit Fight Casual Game
  8. Brick Smash Casual Game
  9. Call Break Card Game
  10.  Snakes & Ladders Board Game
  11.  Crossword Board Game
  12.  Monopoly Board Game
  13.  UNO Card Game
  14.  Solitaire Card Game
  15.  Scrabble Word-Formation Game

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