UPI Games Online 2024 – List of Games For UPI Money Withdrawal


Numerous earning apps enable users to withdraw money using UPI due to its increasing popularity. Millions of users who wish to make money online use this payment method by playing online games and earning money rewards. UPI payment method allows users to quickly withdraw the money they have won by playing games and getting rewards and cashback. 

Due to this advantage of instant earnings, UPI games and applications are becoming more and more popular. This is why many apps that provide withdrawal via other payment modes incorporate this UPI withdrawal feature. If you are looking for a UPI earning game and app with instant withdrawal via UPI, keep reading this blog until the end. We will provide you with all details about the best UPI money earning games.

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Top 7 UPI Games in India 

  1. mRewards

mRewards is among the best real money-earning apps that come with a lot of paying tasks such as games, videos, surveys and more. Earlier, the app provided Paytm and Gift card withdrawal options. But after a recent update, the UPI withdrawal option has also been introduced. You can withdraw as low as INR 10 on the mRewards App. You need 1178 coins to withdraw INR 10 instantly via UPI. The variety of earning tasks and low withdrawal limit make mRewards the best app with a UPI withdrawal option.

  1. Winzo 

Winzo is a mobile gaming platform that allows users to play a variety of games and win real cash prizes. It offers classic games such as rummy and poker, and other popular games like Teen Patti and Ludo. Players can compete with friends and family, as well as with other players from around the world. Winzo also offers a variety of daily tournaments and challenges, allowing users to win bigger rewards.

  1. Frizza

Frizza is a popular UPI earning game app that allows users to make money directly via UPI. The minimum withdrawal limit on Frizza is INR 30. Once you complete the required tasks, you can enter your UPI ID and withdraw money directly to your bank account.

Frizza mainly has app download tasks that allow users to earn money. You can also earn money by watching videos and reading articles.

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  1. Rush

Rush is an app for earning money by playing games. You can choose from different games and earn money by playing. The Rush app also provides daily rewards that allow you to earn money. Once you win INR 25, you can withdraw cash via UPI or Paytm. The daily rewards make Rush a great choice if you want to earn money.

  1. MPL

The MPL app is one of the most popular UPI games online that allows you to earn money by playing games. You can play game and earn money in UPI and withdraw as low as INR 1. The app also has some decent rewards in place. And the best part is that you can withdraw your earnings without limit. The ‘no minimum withdrawal limit’ makes MPL one of the best apps to earn money via UPI.

  1. Go Daily

This earning app allows users to transfer money to a bank account directly. The minimum withdrawal limit on the Go Daily app varies with the user level. The earning tasks include reading articles, watching videos, etc.

  1. BrainBaazi

For everyone who enjoys trivia and quizzes, BrainBaazi is a must-play app. From Monday to Friday, it offers two daily quizzes live between noon and 8:30 p.m. Numerous quiz categories, including General Knowledge, Mathematics, Bollywood, Sports, and more, are available on the app. BrainBaazi is unique as it offers actual cash prizes for winning money-earning games and incentives for successful referrals.

How to Earn Money by UPI Withdrawal Games?

UPI games provide various options to earn money. You can find UPI money earning games across all categories, such as casino, rummy, ludo, etc. While some games also allow you to earn money just for playing, you need to win to earn money from others. mRewards and Go Daily are game apps where you just need to play for some time or complete some tasks to earn money. On the other hand, game apps such as MPL, Rush and Winzo offer rewards to users for winning contests.

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Benefits of UPI Withdrawal Games

The UPI option allows users to withdraw their money instantly. When using earning apps, people often need clarification on whether they will really get the money. With an instant payment mode like UPI, this problem is completely resolved.

  • Instantly withdraw money
  • Get real money in your bank account

Choosing the Best Withdrawal Game Apps

With the increasing demand for UPI games, many online gaming sites provide this feature. But picking the best withdrawal game apps with UPI withdrawal features is crucial, as it is ensuring a safe and fair gaming environment. When selecting the appropriate app, keep the following important criteria in mind:

  1. User Reviews and Ratings: Check user reviews and ratings on the App Store and Play Store to know the app’s reputation and user experience. Positive feedback from other players indicates a reliable and enjoyable gaming platform.
  2. Legitimacy and License: Ensure the app is licensed and regulated by reputable gaming authorities. Apps with legal certifications, like Rush, follow tight guidelines and offer a risk-free and secure gaming environment.
  3. Game Variety: Look for apps that offer a wide range of game options. Rush has football, carom, ludo, fruit fight, golf, pool and six other amazing UPI money earning games from which you can select and play any game of your choice. An app with multiple game varieties enhances your entertainment options and lets you win real cash in different tournaments.

These are multiple options of UPI games online to earn money. You may withdraw your winning amount from the games smoothly without waiting much, with the UPI on your mobile phones. So, what are you looking for? Install these apps, play game and earn money in UPI easily.  

FAQ’s About UPI Games Online

What precautions should users take when participating in UPI games?

Research the game’s reputation, verify security measures, avoid unrealistic promises and refrain from sharing sensitive information or making upfront payments.

What is the earning potential in money earning UPI games compared to other modes of payment?

Earning potential in UPI games online typically ranges from INR 10 to 1000.

How secure are UPI money earning games regarding transactions and personal data?

Most of the UPI games prioritise security for transactions and safeguarding personal data.

Can players expect instant withdrawal of their earnings through UPI in these games?

Yes, players can expect instant withdrawal of their earnings through UPI in these games.

Are there any specific eligibility criteria or prerequisites for participating in money earning games UPI?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, players need a UPI-enabled bank account and a smartphone to participate in UPI games.


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