Who Invented Ludo? It’s History & How It Started


We all love ludo, don’t we? But do we know who invented ludo or the facts about the ludo history? Not all of us, right? But now you will. Here is all you need to know about the ludo invention, who invented ludo and when was ludo invented? Read on to know now!

The Ludo History

Are you aware that Ludo was invented in India? Ludo was featured in the Mahabharata, a celebrated Indian epic. The royal family, especially the emperors, loved to play this traditional board game, which has been played in every home in the world.

The Ludo Invention

The Mahabharata serves as the earliest source of information. During the sixth century, Pachisi was invented in India as a strategic game. In the ancient Ellora caves, Shakuni’s used the cursed dice to defeat the Pandavas and lose everything that gave the game new significance. In the end, Yudhisthira includes Draupadi in the wager and also loses her. Dhritarashtra assures the Pandavas that he would return all of their possessions when Draupadi curses the Kuru family. It is said that this very incident led to the great Mahabharata war. 

Who Invented Ludo Games? When Was Ludo Invented?

While ludo finds mention in the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata, the actual date of invention remains unknown. There is mystery even around the inventor of the game. However, it is believed that it was Alfred Collier of England, who invented the ludo game in 1896. His invention included a dice and some tokens, similar to what is played even today. 

Ludo Game History Over Years

Eversince the ludo invention, there have been several variations of the game. Some of which are:

  • The Indian Pachisi
  • The British Uckers
  • The German Brändi Dog
  • The North American Trouble
  • The Chinese Aeroplane Chess
  • The Swiss Eile mit Weile
  • The Swedish Fia
  • The Spanish Parchís
  • The Vietnamese Cờ cá ngựa
  • The Colombian Parques
  • The Canadian Tock

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Difference Between Online And Offline Ludo

Offline versions of the board game Ludo often include two to four players. Each player has their own coloured home with four pawns in it. A player must move all of their pawns to their home and earn the most points in order to win. Ludo offline is thrilling to play with loved ones and buddies.

The speed of the online versions of Ludo is considerably faster, and there are just a few turns available before the game’s allocated time expires. This increases the enjoyment and excitement of the game. Multiple online games also include real money prizes, so mastering Ludo may potentially provide you with a second source of income. 

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Ludo Rules

  • You get limited turns in a match.
  • Your pawn moves forward based on the number that appears on the cube.
  • 1 tile moved = 1 point.
  • If you land on a tile occupied by your opponent, you kill their pawn and absorb its score. The killed pawn goes back to its starting position.
  • When pawns reach home, their scores are multiplied – 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pawn, respectively.
  • If >=2 pawns of one color are on the same tile, they create a safe zone and cannot be killed.
  • You get an extra cube roll if you get a 6 on the cube or your pawn reaches home or you kill an opponent’s pawn.
  • The player with the highest score wins the game. 
  • The match ends when all 4 pawns of any player reach home or the timer expires, or all game turns are over, whichever is earlier.

Play Ludo On Rush

The Rush app is a mobile-first gaming universe.  It offers the greatest and most seamless gaming experience with AAA-quality games. Play games like Ludo, Carrom, Call Break, Pool, and many others on Rush and you might win real money at any time.

Online ludo is played in the Rush App’s Speed Ludo game, which is quicker and more entertaining. You must be the first player to move every pawn across the board and into your home area in order to win. You must eliminate other opponent’s pawns en route home. 

Another variant of the ludo game on the Rush app is the Leedo Play game. This version involves dice and coloured balls, making the game even more fun and engaging. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who invented the ludo game?

Alfred Collier invented the ludo game  in 1896 in England.

  1. Did ludo invention happen in India? 

Yes, ludo invention took place in India. 

  1. What is the ludo history? 

The history of ludo is that it was invented for the purpose of entertainment of the kings and their friends.

  1. When was ludo invented?

Ludo finds mention in the Mahabharata, which means it existed before the sixth century.


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