15 Puzzle Games Adults Can Play


Love playing stimulating puzzle games? Here is a list of all the best puzzle games for adults!

Best Puzzle Games For Adults 

Puzzle games are simply games that involve the skill of puzzle solving, be it online or offline. Puzzle solving can include a variety of categories such as patterns recognition, logic, obstacle course, sequences, spatial recognition, word/number box completion, picture puzzles, tile matching, hiding objects, etc. Although the genre is highly diverse, most works in it feature some amount of abstraction and may use intricate rules, physics, colors, patterns, or numbers. 

Players frequently aim for a high score or the next level in puzzle games by reaching a specific location or fulfilling certain requirements. To solve a problem, the player may have an endless amount of time or tries, or there may be a time constraint. In Tetris, for example, solving easier puzzles in real time makes them more challenging. The goal of puzzle games is completion, therefore in order to go on to the next, more harder task, players must solve a logic puzzle or complete a challenge.

Though puzzle games are normally played alone, depending on the nature, they could be played with many participants. The most famous single-player and multiplayer puzzle games for adults of all times are:

  • Tetris: single-player
  • Celeste: single-player
  • Fez: Multi-player
  • Baba Is You: Singleplayer
  • Candy Crush: single-player
  • Hitman: Multi-player
  • Opus Magnum: Multi-player

Benefits Of Brain Puzzles For Adults

Some of the many benefits of playing brain puzzles for adults are:

  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Enhances strategy, problem-solving and analytical abilities
  • Buster for anxiety, sadness, and exhaustion
  • Increases cognitive functioning
  • Boosts memory and aptitude
  • Enables hand-eye coordination

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Puzzle Games For Adults Online

  1. Brick Smash: One of the best puzzle games for adults with bricks.
  2. Crossword: The most loved word puzzles for adults. 
  3.  Sudoku: The most popular and tricky brain puzzles for adults.
  4. Scrabble: Want to play one of the best word search puzzles for adults? Check this one out!
  5. Cessabit: Hands down, one of the best puzzles for adults.
  6. Jigsaw Puzzle: One of the best puzzles for adults online and offline. 
  7. Quizzy: The best in the free puzzles games for adults category with real money rewards.
  8. Mahjong: Another mega game in the fun puzzles for adults category.
  9. Jenga: An evergreen contender in the puzzles for adults genre. 
  10. Threes: One of the must-play puzzle games for adults.
  11. Two Dots: Undoubtedly the best puzzle games for adults online.
  12. Mekorama: The hottest in the fun puzzles for adults segment.
  13. Hocus: The greatest online puzzles for adults of all times. 
  14. Escape Rooms: The most trending jigsaw puzzles for adults this year.
  15. Unpuzzle: One of the best jigsaw puzzles for adults.

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Play Puzzle Games For Adult On Rush

The Rush app is an entertaining mobile-first gaming universe. You can play Brick Smash, Quizzy, Ludo, Carrom, Call Break, Pool and many other sports, casual, arcade, card and board games on Rush and win real cash without investing. 

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Games To Play On Rush Now

Apart from Brick Smash and Quizzy puzzle games for adult, here are some other games you must try:

  • Speed Ludo: Casual ludo game
  • Carrom Freestyle: Casual carrom board game
  • Call Break: Card game
  • Fruit Fight: Casual fruit slicing game
  • Disc Football: Esports game
  • Pool Royale: Cue sports game
  • Super Archery: Esports game
  • Knife Master: Casual knife hitting game
  • Leedo Play: Casual leedo game
  • Golf Hero: Esports game

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the best puzzle games for adults?

Some of the best puzzle games for adults are Brick Smash, Quizzy, Sudoku, Crossword, etc. 

  1. What are the top free puzzles games for adults?

The top free puzzles games for adults are Brick Smash, Crossword, Sudoku, Scrabble, etc.

  1. Name the best brain puzzle games for adults.

The best brain puzzle games for adults are Quizzy, Two Dots, Threes, Hocus, etc. 

  1. Name the top jigsaw puzzles for adults.

The best jigsaw puzzle games for adults are Unpuzzle, Escape Rooms, Mekorama, Jenga, Mahjong, etc.

  1. How to find word puzzles for adults?

To find word puzzles for adults such as Scrabble and Crossword, search on the apps store.


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