30+ Holi Games 2024 : Holi Party Game (होली गेम्स) Ideas For Small & Big Group


Holi is here, and we’re ready to play! Holi is a festival of colors, love and fun. It is also a time when people come together to celebrate with their friends and family members. People celebrate Holi from all over the world. Make your holi fun with the best holi games (होली गेम्स) to play with friends and family! 

About Holi

Holi is a festival that celebrates love and harmony. It is believed that the festival originated in India, but today it is celebrated across the world. Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of Phalguna (February/March) every year. The festival begins with a religious ceremony known as ‘Tilak’, which marks the beginning of spring. The next day, people celebrate by wearing coloured powder on their faces and body, while throwing colors (रंग / गुलाल) at each other.The idea behind this festival is to unite people who live in different parts of the world and make them feel closer to each other. This idea can apply to any type of gathering where people come together for fun activities such as parties or meetings!

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Holi Games

The festival of colors is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and gaiety worldwide. People wear the brightest clothes and dance to loud music, throw colours on each other and soak in the joy of being together. The festival of colors has a special place in the hearts of people across the globe. The festival comes with an array of fun games that everyone can enjoy!

Holi parties are the perfect time to get together with friends, family and colleagues. It’s also a great opportunity to play some games that you can use during the year. Also you don’t need to look for holi game (होली गेम्स) in google search anymore as we have them curated specially for you. This year you can make your holi party more fun with these holi party game ideas for small & big groups. 

  • Offline Holi Games: If you are celebrating with your friends and family, the traditional way with colors, flowers, balloons, and water, there are tons of interesting and happy Holi color games you can play. Some of these can be balloon blast, water splash, color crush, flower power, etc. Infact, you can host a holi themed kitty party for all your close ones. 
  • Online Holi Games: If you and your friends and family want to play online games together on Holi, there are several games that can help you bond and have a fun time. These games can be holi-related games or even games you usually play throughout the year such as ludo, carrom, quiz, call break, etc. 

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List Of Best Holi Games Online & Offline

Are you looking for holi game in google? Your search ends here as we have a big list of holi games (होली गेम्स). Holi is a fun-filled celebration with children, families and friends joining together to play Holi games or holi ka game (होली का गेम). 

  1. Balloon Blast
  2. Water Splash
  3. Bucket Blast
  4. Knitting the Balloon
  5. Find the Coin
  6. Pass The Sponge
  7. Flip The Bottle
  8. Holi Jenga
  9. UNO
  10. Pop the Balloon
  11. Water Gun Fight
  12. Lucky Water Balloon Game
  13. Dance Of Colors
  14. Flower Power
  15. Colour Crush
  16. Holi Never Have I Ever
  17. Wet Sponge Relay
  18. Fill The Bucket
  19. Holi Bollywood Quiz
  20. Holi Word Search
  21. Carrom: Holi board game
  22. Pool
  23. Call Break
  24. Brick Smash
  25. Ludo: Online Holi games
  26. Tambola: Holi theme tambola tickets
  27. Fruit Fight
  28. Quizzy
  29. Archery
  30. Disc Football

If you want to play games online this Holi, just go to the Rush app. Here, you can find all your favorite games in one place, where you can play, earn and grow, along with your friends and family. Share this blog with your friends who are looking for holi game ideas and make their festival more colorful. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Holi Games

What are some fun holi games?

There are many fun holi games (होली गेम्स) such as balloon blast, water splash, color crush, flower power, etc.

Holi ke games ya होली गेम्स kaunse hain?

The best holi ke games are balloon blast, water splash, color crush, flower power, etc.

Are there holi color games?

Yes, there are many holi color games like color crush, flower power, etc.

What are the best games to play on holi?

The best holi games are balloon blast, water splash, color crush, flower power, etc.

Are there holi board games?
Yes, you can play board games on holi like carrom, ludo, tambola, etc.

What are some holi special games?

The best holi special games to play this year are balloon blast, water splash, color crush, flower power, etc.

Which is the best online holi game?

There are many great holi online or virtual games like ludo, carrom, call break, fruit fight, brick smash, etc.

Where to play virtual holi games?

You can play virtual holi games online or on gaming apps.

Where to play holi theme tambola games?

You can find holi themed tambola games online or create your own holi theme housie tickets.


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