India Number One Game | Which is India No. 1 Game in 2024?


India’s gaming industry has been rapidly expanding, with numerous games gaining popularity among the diverse population. With an increasing number of people owning smartphones and having access to the internet, gaming culture has been on the rise, attracting players of all ages and backgrounds. Know which is the current number one game in India and the reasons behind its immense success!

Which Is The Number One Game In India?

There’s no surprise here! When it comes to gaming, you can’t get much more popular than Ludo. The game has been around for over a hundred years and has made appearances on just about every console, computer and handheld device that’s ever existed.

India’s number one game is and always has been ludo! Ludo is the number one game in India because it is a classic, easy to learn and fun to play. It has been played for centuries and has been popular in almost every part of the world. The game is simple, fun and requires no special skills or training. The best thing about playing Ludo is that you can play it with your family and friends. You do not have to wait for someone else to join you; all you need is one person who knows how to play the game and you are good to go. You can play  ludo online or offline, wherever and whenever you wish!

History Of India’s Number One Game

Did you know that Ludo has been played across the world for centuries in many different variations?  It is said that it was first published under its current name in India in late 1935 or early 1936? The word “ludo” means “play” in Latin and may come from lawn tennis (which was also called “lawn”). It is also said that it was designed by Balaji Prabhakar back in 1972 and published by Parker Brothers. It was originally called “Pachisi” in India but later changed its name when it became popular in other countries around the world. The game has been translated into dozens of languages including English, Spanish and German as well as several Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali and Marathi.

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About India’s Number One Mobile Game

It’s an easy game to pick up, but it’s tough to master. In Ludo, you’re trying to move all of your pieces into your opponent’s home board before they do the same with their pieces. It sounds simple enough, but it gets tricky when you’ve got multiple players who are trying to outsmart each other!

The objective of the game is to be the first player to get all their tokens home. If any player lands on an opponent’s token, they must send their own token back to start and lose a turn. The winner is the first person to successfully get all four tokens home. Here are some secret ludo hacks for you. 

Ludo has become so popular because of its simplicity as well as its ability to engage multiple players at once without getting too complicated which makes it perfect for families or parties where everyone wants something fun but still easy enough that they don’t have to spend hours studying rules or figuring.

How To Play India’s Number One Game?

Here are the ludo game rules that you must know. 

  1. You get limited turns in a match.
  2. Your pawn moves forward based on the number that appears on the cube.
  3. 1 tile moved = 1 point.
  4. If you land on a tile occupied by your opponent, you kill their pawn and absorb its score. The killed pawn goes back to its starting position.
  5. When pawns reach home, their scores are multiplied – 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pawn, respectively.
  6. If >=2 pawns of one color are on the same tile, they create a safe zone and cannot be killed.
  7. You get an extra cube roll if you get a 6 on the cube or your pawn reaches home or you kill an opponent’s pawn.

9. The player with the highest score wins the game. 

10. The match ends when all 4 pawns of any player reach home or the timer expires, or

      game turns are over, whichever is earlier.

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Where to play India’s No. 1 Game?

You can play ludo online on these amazing apps:

  1. Speed Ludo 
  2. Leedo Play 
  3. Legends of Ludo 
  4. Elite Ludo 
  5. Ludo Win MPL 
  6. Ludo Fantasy
  7. Ludo Hunt
  8. Ludo Skill 
  9. Ludo Empire
  10. Gamezy 
  11. Ludo Tez
  12. Ludo League
  13. Ludo Ninja 
  14. Ludo Premium 
  15. Ludo Supreme Gold 
  16. Paytm First Ludo
  17. India Ludo 
  18. Ludo Win MP
  19. Skill Clash Game 
  20. Winzo Ludo 

If you want an all-in-one ludo app with different variants, check out the Rush app for Speed Ludo and Leedo Play. Download Now! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About India’s No.1 Game

Which is India’s number one game?

India’s number one game is ludo.

Where to find the number one game of india?

You can find ludo online on apps and websites.

How to play India no 1 game?

To play ludo, read the game instructions on the app or website.


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