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There is no doubt about the fact that carrom is one of the most loved tabletop gameplays across the globe. Offering a perfect blend of tactics, precision and companionship, this board game has really stood the test of time. Boasting of rich history and appeal, this classic game has been captivating players of all age groups since time immemorial. Whether it is played casually or in a competitive environment, it is important to understand the rules of this game in order to have a fair gaming experience. So, without further ado, let’s proceed ahead.

Understanding Carrom Striker and its Use

Played on a wooden board with four pockets, carrom involves the use of a striker and carrom men (aka coins or pieces). This white and circle-shaped disc plays a pivotal role as it helps the players move the coins for optimal gameplay and victory. Therefore, it is important to understand the carrom striker size, rules and strategies, concerning the effective usage of striker for mastering this game.

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Carrom Striker Size

Usually manufactured using wood or durable material, carrom striker is quite big in size and might come with engraved designs. Generally, carrom striker size in cm is nearly 4.13 and typically doesn’t weigh over 15 gm. Although, playing with the striker seems quite straightforward, mastering its art entails control, finesse and precision at all times. Keeping this in mind, let’s delve into carrom striker rules in order to gain a better understanding of the game.

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Carrom Striker Rules

Whether you have played carrom or not, you might know this fact that striker is used for hitting the queen and carrom coins on a board. Usually white in shade, carrom striker is the biggest in size (and heaviest) as compared to all other carrom men. Given below are some of the important carrom board striker rules for ensuring optimal gameplay:

  • When the striker touches any piece on the carrom board for the first time, a break is made and the game ensues.
  • The striker is to be pushed using a finger only. No use of hands is allowed.
  • In order to pull off a front or backshot, make use of the thumb and not hands or fingers.
  • The striker placed within the baseline should not touch the front or back line.
  • If the carrom board striker is placed on top of any coin, then make sure to remove it gently without disturbing the placement of the corresponding piece.
  • When you release the striker and the coin falls into the pocket (including the queen that was placed at the edge of the pocket), both will be considered to be pocketed.
  • The queen should always be placed in the middle of the board, even if it has been pocketed but the player is unable to take cover.
  • Players should not move while shooting for respective pieces.
  • If a carrom coin falls out of the board, then it has to be placed at the centre.
  • Apart from the player’s wrist, no other body part should touch the board.

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The carrom rule for the last coin and the striker is quite tricky and requires a bit of understanding. There are three scenarios for this rule:

  1. When you have pocketed the last coin (be it yours or your opponent’s) and the queen is still on the board – When the queen is still on the board and you cover your opponent’s last coin, then you lose by a total number of queen’s points plus a number of your coins present on the carrom board. In case your opponent’s score is 22 or more, the board points for the queen won’t be considered. If this happens when you land an improper stroke, then your opponent will secure an extra point. If you secure your last coin through a proper stroke, then you will lose that round by three points if the opponent has scored less than 22 points and one point if his score is 22 or more. In a case wherein you secure both your and your opponent’s last coins, then the latter scores three points if his/her score is less than 22.
  1. When you pocket both the queen and the last coin – In case, you have pocketed the last coin along with the queen, you are the winner of that round by three points. And, in case you have a score of 22 or above, you win by one point. But, you need to ensure that you make a proper stroke, else your opponent will be declared the winner of that round.
  1. You pocket the last coin along with the striker – If the queen is still on board and you pocket both the last coin and striker, then you will lose the game by three points in case your opponent’s score is 22 or more. Additionally, as per the carrom rule for the last coin and striker, you also lose the game by three points if you pocket your own and your opponent’s last coins plus the striker and the queen.

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Carrom Striker Fouls

Like any other game, you can incur penalties and fouls in carrom too. In case you commit a foul, your turn will end, and you will have to pay a penalty. This involves returning one of the coins which you have pocketed. So, to avoid this, let us know more about striker fouls, be it general or technical ones. Striker fouls happen when any of the below-mentioned situations occurs:

  • When a player pockets the striker or opponent’s coin
  • If you pocket the final coin before pocketing the queen
  • Positioning the striker incorrectly before striking
  • If a coin or striker is kicked off the board
  • Any striking rule is broken
  • Touching any coin apart from the striker while the game is underway
  • The first player is unable to break even in three attempts
  • If the striker is not kept in the proper position or within the line

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Tips and Techniques

To ensure victory, it is important to learn tips and tricks of the trade. The gripping technique is one crucial factor while playing the game. Many players tend to hold the striker between the middle finger and thumb in order to ensure proper grip and a smooth release for striking the coins. In order to ensure a favourable game, make sure to have a comfortable and conducive gripping position. Proper alignment and aim are also important in order to pave the way for optimal accuracy. This, in turn, increases the chances of pocketing more carrom men as well as the queen. Apply the right amount of force to the big-sized carrom striker so that there is sufficient momentum for targeting coins and queens into the board pockets.

The Bottom Line:

The carrom striker is not only a piece on the board, but a very important part of the game. By knowing the techniques and mastering the strategies, you can easily take your gameplay to the next level. Additionally, being consistent and familiar with rules can make the game more interesting and fairer. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the striker, set the board and get ready to showcase your skill set with your carrom striker.

FAQ’s About Carrom Striker Size

What is the size of a carrom striker?

Usually, the carrom striker size in cm is 4.13, but these days, carrom strikers are available in big sizes as well. In mm, carrom striker size can range anywhere between 63 and 76.

From where can one purchase carrom strikers?

Used for hitting coins and the queen on carrom board, strikers are available at outlets selling sports merchandise, online retailers and stores catering to board games and recreational activities.

What material is used to make carrom strikers?

Earlier, wood was used for making carrom strikers. However, these days, materials like ivory and plastic are used as well. Polycarbonate is also used for making big size carrom strikers as some players have a penchant for the same.

What techniques can be used for effective striking?

In order to ensure effective striking in carrom, aiming and alignment hold great importance. Whether you are using your thumb and middle finger or just the index/middle finger, contemplating the trajectory of carrom men and striker is vital for effective gameplay. Also, players should apply the right amount of force to the striker, as striking too hard may kick off the striker or coins off the board and less pressure might not prove to be of any help in pocketing the pieces.

What are the dimensions of a carrom board?

A carrom board should not be less than 0.8 cm (8 mm) thick, while its height should not be less than 73.50 cm or over 74 cm. Its surface should not be rough so that the striker can glide smoothly.


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