Why is Cards Games considered Good Fortune on the Occasion of Diwali?


We all will agree that no Diwali party is complete without a few games of cards. But why is that? What is the reason behind playing card games on Diwali? Read on to find out!

Diwali, commonly called the festival of lights, is also known as the day of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The Hindu tradition says that those who pray to Goddess Lakshmi are lucky when it comes to money and success. Therefore, to get lucky and win cash is the reason why card games is played on Diwali. 

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The Actual Reason People Play Card Games On Diwali

Apart from invoking Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, there is another reason why card game is played on Diwali. As per the Hindu mythology, Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva loved playing the game of dice. Hence, playing games on the Diwali night is considered  auspicious. However, with the passage of time, the dice got replaced with cards and people started having Diwali card parties. In fact, Teen Patti, a card game played by family and friends became the highlight of these Diwali parties. It is an entertaining game that brings together people, where they get lucky and even win cash. With time, other card games such as Poker and Rummy also started to become popular. Nowadays, almost all different types of card games are played before and on Diwali. They signify coming together of people to celebrate life, festivities, culture and good times. This is the reason of playing card game on Diwali. 

But this time do something different. Try online games with friends. There are a variety of casual games such as Call Break, Ludo, Carrom, Pool, Archery, Quizzy, etc., that you can enjoy playing and earn real cash prizes. Find all these amazing games in just one place, the Rush App. 

So, this Diwali and even otherwise, play on the Rush App to win games and earn cash. 

Play Card Games On Rush App

Rush is an all-in-one real money earning and gaming app. It has one of the top card games online, Call Break along with other sports, casual, arcade and board games to play and  win real money. 

Play Call Break on Rush

Rush has one of the best free card games to play with family and friends, Call Break. It is one of the most popular card games for 2 people or more. It involves tricks and skills to win hands and ultimately the game. Download the Rush App to enjoy online card games with friends now.

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Other Games To Play On Rush

Apart from Call Break, there are several other casual games you can play on Rush this Diwali and enjoy with friends and family. Some of which are: 

  • Speed Ludo
  • Carrom Freestyle
  • Quizzy
  • Disc Football
  • Fruit Fight
  • Pool Royale
  • Super Archery

Benefits Of Playing Card Games On Rush

  • AAA quality games
  • All fun card games online in one app
  • Best card gaming app 
  • No bots, only real players
  • Real money rewards and perks
  • Skill-based games 
  • Cool Rush Avatars

Want the most popular card games? Download the Rush App for the best card games android and iOS and earn real cash. 

Download The Rush App

For Android and iOs mobile phone:

Visit getrushapp.com > Tap the ‘Download app’ button > Tap ‘Install’ and sign up on Rush.


Visit the App Store > Search for ‘Rush – Play Games, Win Cash’ > Tap on the ‘Get’ icon and sign up on Rush.

For desktop or computer:

Visit getrushapp.com > Enter your mobile number > Tap on the link in the SMS to download the apk > Tap ‘Install’ and sign up on Rush.

Play free card games this Diwali. Download the Rush App now!


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