List of Best Ludo Tournaments Apps Online 2024


Ludo, a classic board game cherished by people of all ages, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. With the advent of technology and the rise of online gaming, Ludo has taken a leap into the digital realm, captivating players worldwide. 

One of the most thrilling aspects of this evolution is the emergence of online Ludo tournaments, which bring together players from different corners of the globe to compete for glory and rewards. Explore the best Ludo tournament apps available right now!

The Rise of Online Ludo Tournaments

Gone are the days when Ludo was merely a casual pastime played among friends and family. The proliferation of smartphones and internet connectivity has given birth to a vibrant online Ludo gaming community, fueling the popularity of Ludo tournaments. These tournaments offer players an opportunity to showcase their skills, strategize their moves, and experience the thrill of competitive gaming.

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Best Ludo Tournament Apps

  1. Speed Ludo Grand Tournaments: Among the Indian Ludo apps, Rush App stands out for its Grand Tournaments. This innovative platform offers fast-paced Ludo tournaments, allowing players to experience the thrill of quick-fire gameplay. The Rush App Speed Ludo Grand Tournaments feature a competitive leaderboard, where participants compete for top ranks and lucrative rewards. With its high-speed gameplay and adrenaline-pumping matches, the Rush App adds a unique twist to the traditional Ludo experience.
  2. Ludo King: Ludo King is undoubtedly one of the most popular Ludo apps globally, offering a seamless online tournament experience. With its user-friendly interface and robust gameplay, Ludo King hosts regular tournaments, allowing players to compete against opponents from around the world. The app also provides various game modes, including Classic, Quick, and Master, ensuring that players of all skill levels can participate.
  3. MPL (Mobile Premier League): MPL is a renowned Indian gaming platform that offers a wide range of games, including Ludo. MPL hosts regular Ludo tournaments with attractive cash prizes, making it an exciting destination for competitive Ludo players. The platform also provides a user-friendly interface, seamless multiplayer functionality, and a chat feature to interact with fellow players during tournaments.
  4. Ludo Empire: Ludo Empire is another popular online Ludo app known for its engaging gameplay and frequent tournaments. The app offers both private and public tournaments, allowing players to compete against friends or join larger-scale competitions. Ludo Empire also features a ranking system that adds a competitive edge to the tournaments, further enhancing the overall experience.
  5. Ludo Star: Ludo Star is a highly addictive Ludo app that offers vibrant graphics, smooth gameplay, and an active online community. The app hosts regular tournaments with attractive rewards, providing an excellent platform for players to showcase their skills. Ludo Star also supports gameplay in different languages, catering to a diverse player base.

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Online Ludo tournaments have redefined the way we engage with this beloved board game. Through these tournaments, players can indulge in competitive gameplay, connect with a global community, and win exciting prizes. Whether you prefer the popular Ludo King, the versatile MPL platform, or the innovative and popular Rush App, the options for joining Ludo tournaments are abundant. So, gather your friends, hone your skills, and embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of online Ludo tournaments. May the dice roll in your favor!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Top Ludo Tournament Apps

What are the best Ludo tournament apps available?

Some of the best Ludo tournament apps include Ludo King, MPL (Mobile Premier League), Ludo Empire, and Ludo Star. These apps offer seamless gameplay, attractive rewards, and the opportunity to compete against players from around the world.

Are there any Indian Ludo apps with Ludo tournaments?

Yes, there are several Indian Ludo apps that host tournaments. MPL, Ludo Empire, and Rush App are some popular Indian Ludo apps that offer exciting tournaments with cash prizes and a competitive gaming environment.

Can I participate in Ludo tournaments online?

Absolutely! Online Ludo tournaments provide an excellent platform for players to participate and showcase their skills. With just a smartphone and an internet connection, you can join tournaments and compete against players from different regions.

How do Ludo tournaments work?

In Ludo tournaments, players compete against each other to achieve the highest scores or rankings. Tournaments can be organized in various formats, such as single-elimination, round-robin, or leaderboard-based. Participants play multiple matches, and the winners progress to the next round or earn points based on their performance.

Can I win rewards or prizes in Ludo tournaments?

Yes, Ludo tournaments often offer attractive rewards and prizes to the winners. Cash prizes, in-app currency, or virtual goods are common rewards in these tournaments. The value and type of prizes may vary depending on the app and the scale of the tournament.

How can I find online Ludo tournaments to participate in?

You can find online Ludo tournaments by downloading popular Ludo apps like Ludo King, MPL, Ludo Empire, and Ludo Star. These apps usually have a dedicated tournament section or a leaderboard where you can join upcoming tournaments or check ongoing ones.


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