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Diwali is almost around the corner. So we all have Diwali parties on our minds. We’ve done all the hard work for those who are thinking of hosting game parties this festive season. All you need to do is go through these Diwali games list.

By tradition, playing cards on Diwali or games brings good fortune and wealth. Some of the most popular Diwali party games played by large group or in office are Teen Patti, Ludo, and so forth. But this time, level up with online fun & real money games to play on Diwali and other festivals. From Diwali card games to casual games, here are the top 5 games you and your friends will love. 

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Diwali Games List To Try

Your search for fun Diwali games online ends now. Here are the top 11 Diwali party game ideas you can’t do without this Diwali. These deepawali games for kids & adults can be tried smaller as well as big groups.

  1. Call Break

As we all know that it is a part of the Indian tradition, playing cards on Diwali is a must. And what better game than Call Break. It is the perfect group card game, played among 2 or more players. Sit in a circle and divide the cards among the players. Now, all players must bid the number of hands they think they will win and let the game begin. Then, do a series of card showdown and see who wins. Or if you want to save yourself the hassle, simply play Call Break online on the Rush App and win real money, real time. 

  1. Ludo

Did you know it is auspicious to not only play cards but also dice games during Diwali? It is said that Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva loved playing dice games as it brings good luck and wealth. So, this Diwali, follow the gods and play some Speed Ludo. This completely unpredictable board game is one of the most fun games to play on Diwali. Divide the guests into groups of four, assign them a color and four pawns and let the game begin or else just download Speed Ludo on the Rush App. It is more entertaining and will get you real money cash prizes too. 

  1. Teen Patti

Teen Patti is the number 1 choice when it comes to playing cards on Diwali. The reason is that a game of Teen Patti involves a lot of fun, tricks and wagering, making it a great diwali card game for a larger group. Once the cards are distributed among the players, a blind wagering amount is placed and the tricks or ‘chaals’ begin. Now the first player to shed their cards wins the game and the pot amount, which some people call ‘Lakshmi’ on the eve or night of Diwali. It is symbolic of all the good luck and wealth to come in the future. 

  1. Rummy

Rummy is one of the most popular Diwali card games and rightly so. It is a great game for a larger group of people. Rummy is a card matching and sequencing game, which includes: creating sets of cards or melds. Once the cards are distributed, a player can declare ‘Rummy’ when they have melded all their cards at once. If you wish to play online, you can participate in several Diwali Rummy Tournaments and other events with a big pot amount. 

  1. UNO

When you have friends, family and loved one’s over, playing UNO is just the perfect thing to do. All you need to do is distribute the cards and see who sheds their cards first to win the game.This is another unique way to celebrate tradition, bond and togetherness during the celebratory times. Of course, you enjoy the good food and festive vibes too.

  1. Tambola

Tambola is played with numbers and is similar to Bingo. One person calls out numbers while participants strike out numbers on their tickets. Various patterns lead to wins.

  1. Aankh Micholi (Blindfold Games)

This is a traditional game where one person is blindfolded and has to catch other players. Once caught, the blindfolded person has to guess who they’ve caught.

  1. Passing the Parcel

A gift is wrapped in multiple layers. As music plays, the parcel is passed. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel unwraps a layer. The person who unwraps the last layer wins the gift.

  1. Musical Chairs

Chairs are placed in a circle, and as music plays, participants walk around them. When the music stops, everyone must find a chair to sit on. One chair is removed after each round until only one participant remains.

  1. Puchi (Bursting Balloons)

Similar to firecracker bursting but safer, participants burst balloons using their hands or by sitting on them. It’s especially popular diwali party games for kids.

  1. Dice Games

Historically, it’s believed that Goddess Parvati played dice with Lord Shiva on Diwali. Many families play dice games, where certain numbers or combinations lead to wins.

These games not only add fun to the Diwali celebrations but also bring families and communities closer together.

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Diwali Games To Play With Friends & Family

This Diwali, play with your friends and family and win real money on Rush. Diwali Party Games are suitable for kids & adults.

  • Speed Ludo: Best casual game
  • Carrom Freestyle: Best board game
  • Call Break: Trending card game
  • Fruit Fight: Most popular casual game
  • Disc Football: Most entertaining sports game
  • Pool Royale: Best cue sports game
  • Super Archery: Trending sports game
  • Quizzy: Best quiz game

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) About Diwali Games Online

Which are the best Diwali Games?

Some of the best Diwali games include Call Break, Ludo, Tambola & Rummy etc.

What games are best for big groups during Diwali Party?

Diwali Tambola, Call Break, Ludo, Tambola & Rummy are best for big groups during Diwali Party.

What are Diwali party games?

Diwali party games are fun activities tailored to the festive theme of Diwali, such as playing Card games, playing passing the parcel etc.

How can I make my Diwali party fun?

Incorporate a mix of traditional and modern games, have festive music, delicious food, and ensure a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

What games are good for Diwali party at the office?

Tambola, Musical Chairs, Passing the Parcel etc. are suitable for office settings.

Which games are played on Diwali?

Traditional games like Rummy and Teen Patti are popularly played, along with modern games like Passing the parcel, musical chair etc.

What are the special activities for Diwali?

Special activities include lighting diyas, bursting firecrackers, making rangolis, offering prayers, and exchanging gifts and sweets


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